Kloverbox April 2015 Unboxing

Kloverbox has rapidly moved up my list of favorite subscription boxes. Every month is consistently good with useful and fun items to use.  It’s not just a beauty box, or a nutrition box or a lifestyle box it’s a little bit of all of that.  I figure that there will be a month with Kloverbox box that is a disappointment as typically happens with sub boxes for me (I get a lot so it’s inevitable). Will April be that month?!?

Kloverbox is a monthly subscription box that sends organic, natural and cruelty free beauty, nutrition and household items. They offer monthly, 3 month and 6 month subs that now auto renew -yay!  Let’s see what I got!

First Look – The brush cleaner was a replacement item from the March box so if you were a new subscriber for April you would not receive it. 

Product Card

Kosmatology Foaming Hand Soap. Value $8.99. This hand soap is made with high quality organic oils such as coconut, olive and safflower oil. I was a bit concerned that I would be allergic to the olive but it seems to just be my face that is irritated by it. There were several different scents you could get and I would’ve loved the grapefruit  but I really like the lemon too. I put this directly into my bathroom and stuck the generic soap I had in there under the sink. Lol

Old Orchard No 10 Baobab & Rosehio Lotion Bar. Value $28. First this is gorgeous!  Look how pretty. :). It also has some great ingredients and smells amazing like mango and rosehip. Also it makes my hands feel like butter. I took this to work and it is so amazing. I love it eventhough I will be sad when the pretty flower is gone. It makes my hands soft and smooth without any greasiness. Score!!  I may repurchase this before the code expires. But just an FYI their website is indeed http://www.oldorchard.co not com which is a juice company!  I was confused for a minute when I looked it up. Lol. 

Bridge Nine Candle Co. Citrus Candle 4oz. Value $9. So this is not the prettiest candle ever for sure. It’s pretty industrial looking but it smells amazing.  This is a natural soy candle made in Portland Oregon. I have actually put this on my shelf to burn later which is amazing as I’m not a big candle fan. Seriously I think I have kept two including this one!

Real Beauty For a Cause Coffee Scrub. Value $7.50. Coffee scrubs are really popular right now but this is the first I’ve received. I love the smell of coffee so this is perfect for me. It is a dry scrub and it’s recommended that you use it in the shower as it can get messy (is it Ok to put coffee grounds down the drain?!?). This also contains cinnamon essential oil, avocado oil and Himalayian sea salt. Can’t wait to try this. 

Rani’s Yummi Shooter. Value $1.99. Yum I love granola well I guess this has a fancy name “butter oats shooter”!  There were several flavor but I’m glad I got peanut butter!

Replacement product from March. Urban Oreganics Brush Cleanser. So in March one of the products from Urban Oreganics had possible contamination from some bottles that were used. Kloverbox and Urban Oreganics responded very quickly and with a great resolution to send a replacement product. I think I like this even better!  My makeup brushes were in desperate need of cleansing so I used this right away. 

Dirty Blush brush

Ooh it’s already working!  This is a solid cleanser. You wet your brush and then swirl it in it.   It’s suds up a bit. 

Clean brush!

I thought this worked great and I may have to repurchase it as it was easy to use. I probably used about half of this but I cleaned all of my makeup brushes and I have quite a few. Lol

I calculate a value of $55.48 for this box without the brush cleanser. I paid $23.50 so this is a great value as always. More importantly I’m excited and will use everything in this box. Seriously I love this  box and can’t wait to get it every month!

Some very excited news was also released by Kloverbox. They will be having a beach house collaboration box with My Subscription Addiction. Liz’s blog introduced me to subscription boxes and I know she has great taste. I can’t wait to see what is in the box which goes on sale this Monday April 27th!

Author: had4567


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