Prospurly March 2015 Unboxing

This box was received free for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own and cannot be bought. 

Prospurly is a new subscription box company- in fact this is their very first box!  According to  Prospurly’s website they send a “monthly surprise packed full of organic, artisan-crafted goods that inspire a happy and whole life for you and your loved ones!”  That sounds like a pretty tall order for a subscription box so let’s see if they can live up to that.  
First Look. Lots of stuff in here. One thing I will say is the outside box it came in was pretty beat up by the time I got it. Everything inside was fine but I think it could have used a wee bit more packing tape as it looked like it could burst open at any moment!
Product Card – one thing I love on this card is near the bottom. It says “Here’s the change you were a part of this month.  245 trees planted with Trees for the Future and 10% of the Tea Spot purchase went to Cancer Wellness & Communities Centers”. I think this is great and Prospurly says they donate 2% of all sales to humanitarian, environment and animal rights causes. Great!

Alma Chocolate Salty Nut Toffee Bar. Value $5. Oooh I love toffee so this bar is it a hit with me!  This bar is made with dark chocolate, pistachios, hazelnuts, toffee chunks and sea salt. I have been trying to eat healthier lately so I’m gonna save this for a special indulgence. As far as chocolate bars go this one is pretty healthy though!
Crown Maple Petite Trio. Value $15.95. Ok these are adorable. I love that there are several different flavors of maple syrup. I also love waffles. These don’t do a lot for my eating healthier goals but that’s Ok as I will never be a completely healthy eater – that’s no fun!  Crown maple also looks like an amazing company that is dedicated to sustainably managing their maple groves among other things!  I’m really curious about the maple sugar they sell too. 

The Tea Spot Jasmine Petals Tin. Value $5.   So Jasmine Green tea is actually my favorite kind of tea!  I usually get it from Stash Tea or Teavana but I’m happy to get this too. I’m more of a bag tea drinker myself but do have some little fillable tea bags I can use. If only I had a good tea infuser to use. Hmm….

The Tea Spot Portable Tuffy Steeper.  Value $8.95. Yay exactly what I needed! This silicon tea infuser is expandable and folds down for easy transport. It has a lid that keeps your tea warm during steeping and doubles as a saucer to hold the drips from the brewing basket.   Its dishwasher safe too!!  There will several colors you could get but I really like this blue one. I am going on vacation in a few days and this is perfect to take with me!

Urban Oreganics Cleansing Bar. Value $10. I’m familiar with this company as they were featured in a Kloverbox. There was actually an issue with the product in Kloverbox and they and Urban Oreganics respond quickly and professionally so I really respect both companies. Look how cute this newspaper wrapped bar is!  I didn’t open this because it actually has an ingredient I’m allergic to, but its made with charcoal and is unscented. This is made with all organic ingredients including coconut oil, castor oil, activated charcoal, extra virgin olive oil (boo – I’m allergic), distilled water, hemp oil, jojoba oil, sea salt and nonGMO vitamin E oil. I really wish I could use this but I’m sure I can find it a good home.

Urban Oreganics Detox Bath Salts. Value $18. Oooh I love bath salts. I actually used these already and they were lovely. This scent is lavender and earl grey, two of my favorite scents and so relaxing for the body. If you look closely you can even see lavender buds in the mix. These are super simple ingredients too it’s Dead Sea salt, fleur de sel, lavender essential oil, organic homegrown lavender buds and organic earl grey tea blend!   There are some other great scents at the Urban Oreganics Etsy shop too!  I also highly recommend the Urban Oreganics makeup brush cleaner as it’s fantastic. 

Tops Malibu Wish Paper. Value $7.50. These wish papers are a fun activity where you write your wish on the paper and then light it on fire so your wish comes true. I think that is a fun idea and would be fun for a party. But let’s be real this is just cut up tissue paper!

Bee Lux PDX Beeswax Candle. Value $5 this little guy is made of natural and ethically sourced beeswax. It unscented and really looks like a pine cone. But funny story, my dog Lucy has a major thing for pine cones. Seriously she will whine for one and then if you give it to her she will bark and attack it!  So this is so life-like she would not leave me alone. I had to hide it behind some other stuff on a shelf for the time being. Hopefully I can sneak it out on my shelf when she isn’t looking and she won’t notice it!

I calculate a value of $75.40 for this box so that is a great value. This box costs $49.95 so it is on the pricier side. Right now you can still use the code SPRING to get 10% off your subscription for life!  The April box should be spoiled soon and if that’s as good as this one I think I’ll sign up!

Author: had4567

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