This Week in Masks – 4/26/15

This week I was on vacation for a few days so I brought my masks with me (of course I forgot my foam cleanser 😦 ). Anyhow here are the masks I used this week.

My Beauty Diary Black Obsidian Moisturizing Black Mask. Black masks are pretty popular right now. I got this one from Mask Genie and it worked well at moisturizing my face. It had a lot of essence on it. It’s a 3D mask so is supposed to fit your face better but this didn’t fit my face well at all – way too big!
D D’ell Tea Tree Mask. I got this mask from the Tea Tree Memebox. It it worked fine. It fit my face ok but was a little short. Plenty of essence and it did have the tea tree smell. 

Innisfree Skin Solution Hydrating Mask. Some of my favorite cheap cotton sheet masks. The hydrating one is quite nice. 

Innisfree Skin Solution Total Care Mask. 
I took this one on vacation with me since you never know what kind of water you will have in vacation places I was was afraid my skin would act up. I did have a bit of acne flare up which may have more to do with me only having an oil based cleanser since I forgot my foaming one. This helped keep my skin in check. 
That’s it for this week!  What masks did you use this week!?!

Author: had4567

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