Julep May 2015 Unboxing

May’s Julep theme was set sail and it featured some fantastic summer colors. I have a lot of fall colors but I feel like my summer colors were lacking so I decided to upgrade my box so I could get all the colors!

First Look

Amanda – pink dahlia creme.  I love a good hot pink for summer!
Vanna – magnolia creme. I love this color but I tried it out and it was kinda streaky. I had to use 3 coats to try to even it out and even then it was streaky. 

Spencer – Vintage gold creme. I have a lot of shimmery gold colors but no cremes. 
Denise – purple crocus creme.  I think this is gonna be a great pedicure color!

Shelby – Navy ink creme. This is pretty but I have several similar colors so I may sell
Lee – spitfire red creme. 

Becca – viridian tide shimmer. The picture doesn’t do this justice it’s gorgeous. 
Carolyn – melon fuchsia creme. This is the perfect summer color!!!
Jessica – soft baby blue creme. This is a color from Julep’s vault. 
I’m really happy about my box this month and happy I have lots of fun colors to use for summer. 

Author: had4567


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