LuxePineapple Lipgloss Box of Joy Unboxing

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It’s time for another unboxing from one of my favorite companies  LuxePineapple. A while back they announced that they were releasing their own brand of lipglosses. They even let their fans (called Pineapple lovelies :)) help pick out the gloss names on social media – fun!!  I knew I wanted the sparkly pink lip gloss soon as I saw the preview!   I bought the special gloss box of joy which had a special packaging. Let’s see what I got.  

First Look

This came in a super cute teacup. Purple is my favorite color so this went right on my shelf. 

I got two glosses the first is called Vivacious which is a shimmery sheer pink. The formula is paraben and cruelty free. They are also made in the USA!  I love this color and couldn’t wait to try it out. 
The applicator is a brush which I like a lot better than the foam tips that are often on lip gloss. 
Here is Pineapple Lovely a shimmery sheer nude. 

The left swatch is Vivacious and right is Pineapple Lovely. Pineapple lovely actually looks a little darker here than it wears, it’s pretty sheer. The formula is quite nice, not sticky at all. It also doesn’t have much of a smell, I can detect a bit of a light maybe vanilla smell, but it’s quite light and not offensive at all. I’m super sensitive to smells so this is important for me. The wear time is quite good for a gloss and probably lasted me 3-4 hours and would have lasted longer if I hadn’t eaten lunch. The colors are very shiny and buildable if you want more color. They are also sheer enough for me to wear to work but have a little shimmer to keep it fun!

Here is Vivacious on!  Shiny!

Here is Pineapple Lovely which I am wearing today. 

This box of joy was $24.99 but I had $5 off in Pineapple Rewards so I only paid $19.99 which is a great deal for these 2 nice quality glosses!  These glosses are still available on the LuxePineapple site for $15 each which is still a great deal IMO.   If you would like to make a purchase from LuxePineapple please use my referral link here

LuxePineapple also has some great things coming up this Summer and Fall including some boxes curated by bloggers and LuxePineapple fans (hint hint I’m a REALLY big fan :)) so keep an eye on them!

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