Wantable Style Edit Unboxing

Wantable recently started a new category of box – the Style box which sends 5 hand picked items for you to try and you buy the items you like and return anything you don’t.   It’s a little different than the other Wantable boxes I’ve tried in that you pay a $20 styling fee up front and they will take that off of any items you purchase. If you don’t purchase anything you are only out the $20.  You also get a 25% discount if you keep your entire box. It’s a lot like a company called Stich Fix which I have not tried.  This was the very first month this box was offered so I wanted to try it. 

To start out you fill out a pretty extensive questionnaire about sizes and preferences.  I tried not to exclude too many styles because I didn’t want to be too limited in choice. I did put that I love classic, dresses, tops, denim, boho, sweaters and casual chic. My stylist was Kimberly!  Let’s see what I got. 

First Look – not a lot of color in here. 

Product Card

Kut Catherine Slim Boyfriend Jeans. Price $84. I really liked these boyfriend jeans so it’s disappointing that the length doesn’t work for me. They fit nicely except for the length.  It’s s looser fit since these are boyfriend jeans. These either needed to be a bit shorter to work as cropped pants or a bit longer. 
Status: Returned 

Tart Collections Liane Top – Gray.  Price $58 Eh this top has a super high neck and makes my shoulders look really wide. It has a weird side too. I don’t like this at all. 
Status – Returned

BB Dakota V-Neck Marled Sweater. Price $95. I do like this sweater but it’s just way too hot where I live in the summer to wear this. I also don’t think it’s worth $95. If it was cheaper I probably would have kept it. It also has an open side like the Tart top – that must be the new style???
Status – returned 

Jack Striped Remus Shirt Dress. Price $65. This shirt dress was adorable and the price was not bad either. But I had two issues: the material was super thin and it was too short for me to be comfortable in. Actually the first pic doesn’t look bad but you can tell in the second it’s pretty short. 
Status – returned 

French Connection Classic Polly Plains Top Nocturnal. Price $48. This shirt looks black but it’s actually a very dark blue. I did like this and it had a nice fabric but I would have preferred a different color. 

Status – returned 

If I would have kept the entire tote it would have cost me $234.59 which would have been about $47 an item. I think that was a little pricey so I decided to return my entire tote. I really didn’t like anything well enough to keep. I went in to tweak my questionairre and also I reviewed my items so my stylist knows why the items didn’t work for me this month. I’m gonna give it another try next month and hopefully I will get some items that work for me!

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