Beauteque May 2015 BB Bag

My Beauteque BB bag arrived pretty early this month and I don’t think I had even seen any spoilers besides the  choices. Let’s see what I got in my May BB Bag!

First Look

Product Card

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead Starter. Value $10. This gel starter helps open pores and eliminate buildup. It has pink clay ingredients to absorb sebum and soften blackheads. This is nice as I don’t like to use nose pore strips so I can use this on my nose where I do have issues with blackheads. 

It’s Skin Mini Bebe Mist.  Sparkling Lime. Value $11. This was one of the items you could choose the variety of. I picked lime but I really am not a big fan of mists so I don’t think I will use this. 

The Face Shop Eyelash Curler. Value $7.60. This is a nice addition to the bag but my eyelashes are really not long enough to curl. I will probably sell this. 
Nature Republic by Flower Vivid Tint Bar. Value $8. This was another item of choice and I picked melon. This can be used as a lip balm and also has a hint of color. I have a stock of lip balm from subscription boxes that will probably last me the rest of my life so I’m probably gonna sell this. 

Nature Republic Bulgarian Rose Essence. Value $17. This essence contains Vitamin A and Vitamin C as well as Rose. This is a pretty small bottle so I was surprised at the price. I like using rose products but I do have a lot of essences to try so I may sell this.

Mikatvonk Auto Eyeliner Pencil. Value $15. So this is a line from an Austrialian makeup artist that seems so random in a mostly Asian beauty bag. I know sometimes Beauteque adds items from non-Asian brands but I don’t like it. Also I got a white liner. Occasionally I do use a white eyeliner but I have one and I don’t need two. I’ll sell this too.

May Island Donkey Milk Skin Mask Pack. Value $6.40. It’s nice that we got two mask and these are interesting. They have cleanser, Ampoule and the essence masks all in one. That is nice to have a multi-step mask. I will need to PH test the cleanser before I use it but I’m curious try out these donkey milk masks. 
Here is the makeup bag for this month. Not my favorite. 

I also received this cheetah mask as my special gift for preordering the 6 month sub.

I calculate a value of $75 for this bag and I only paid $23 so that’s a nice value.  Next month is my last in my 6 month sub and I think I may take a break from it after that. I’m getting a little bored with it honestly and there are some other Asian beauty subs out there with a lower price point that I would like to try like Mishibox and Meikoko BD Nation.  I think this is a great sub for someone new to Korean beauty but the bags that Beauteque releases that are not a part of their monthly sub are actually better, in my opinion, and I plan to purchase some of those!

Author: had4567

3 thoughts on “Beauteque May 2015 BB Bag”

  1. I hear ya on the bored comment… I am looking forward to trying Mishibox and seeing what they have. The BD nation is a no go for me, because they put in a BB or CC cream in every bag and I don't use those. I wish they offered a non BB/CC cream option bag!

    Next month's beauteque looks really good and I will probably stay for a few months more, to see how it compares to Mishibox. Have you signed up for The 3B Box? That is a nice little sub too 🙂


  2. Yeah I need something new and exciting. Lol. I haven't signed up for the bd nation one mostly cuz I'm not sure I want a bb or cc cream each time either. I do get 3B but mine seems to always ship super late in the month! It is a nice sub though!


  3. I am glad I am not the only one that feels that way about BB/CC creams! haha

    I did try the aqua mask – I didn't pH test the cleanser as there was hardly any of it and since I was putting on the ampoule (there is a lot of that and then the mask – SOAKED in essence, I felt that any dryness that might come from the cleanser was taken care of with the ampoule and mask. It was really hydrating (the mask) I like this concept a lot and am interested now in picking up some more of them – they have them at RRS pretty cheaply. But I need to get thru my 4,567 masks that I have now before I purchase more (and watch me buy them next week – ahaha)


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