Barkbox May 2015 Unboxing

The theme for the May Barkbox is Garden Pawty!  Lucy gets the small dog version of this box but I kinda wonder if she accidentally got the large dog one due to the size of things in this box. That’s ok though because Lucy thinks she’s a big dog and since she’s a dachshund she has a big mouth!!  Let’s see what we got!

First Look

Product Card

Harry Barker Fetch Canvas Bone. Value $12. This is a nice cotton canvas bone backed with fleece. This is quite a large bone, larger than I would buy for her, but Lucy wanted it right away. I put it up in up in her toy stash since there was another toy in this box. 

Butchers Block Rib. Value $3. Eeeks this way to big for my little girl. It’s a huge prime beef grade cattle bone from Omaha, NE. Luckily a family friend just got a Great Pyrenees puppy who will soon be huge so we gave this to him. 

Barkmade Flowers Bouquet. Value $14. 
This is without a doubt the cutest dog toy I’ve ever seen.   It’s really big but it’s 4 different flowers wrapped in a fabric “newspaper”. It’s really well made and Lucy ran off with the flower immediately then cried and cried for another. Of course I gave in and gave her the blue one but the others went in the toy stash for another day!

The orange flower a little worse for wear 🙂

Plato Pet Treats Farmers Market. Value $8.   These treats are natural salmon and vegetables. These are grain free which is great but yech salmon. I’m still traumatized by the salmon skin treats they sent a few months ago so I’m not sure I can stomach these. I’m sure Lucy would love them though. 

The value of this box is $37 and I paid $21. I still think this may be for a larger dog but the flower bouquet is my favorite dog toy ever so I’m fine with that!

Author: had4567

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