Stitch Fix #1 Unboxing

I’ve been on a clothing subscription kick lately as I feel like I am totally lacking in summer clothes. Ok not totally lacking but I wanted some new ones!  Stitch Fix is a company I’ve heard a ton about but have never tried. I decided since my birthday is coming up in June to treat myself to one.

If you are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix it is a personalized clothing service. You fill out a very detailed style profile with your likes and dislikes. In your style profile you can leave your stylist notes and even add a link to a Pinterest board where you can add pictures of specific items you would like and they can try to send you or be inspired by. In your profile you can also set price limits for your items. I mostly kept my budget on the lower end. You choose when you want your fix to ship and pay a $20 styling fee. The $20 styling fee is applied to anything you keep. You receive 5 clothing and accessories items. 
The real appeal of Stitch Fix is you can try on and return any or all items. If you don’t keep anything all you lose is your $20 styling fee!  If you keep everything you get a 25% discount. Ok ready to see what I got in my first fix?!
Level 99 Cindie Red Linen Shorts. Size 4.  Price $78. I specifically asked for a casual pair of shorts for this fix and my stylist listened!  These shorts are super comfy and exactly what I was looking for. This is probably not a color I would have picked myself but it’s really perfect as I have a ton of tops that will work with these. 

Status – kept 

Style Card – they always show a more casual and dressy look. 

Mystery Jane Off-White Crochet Overlay Top. Size small. Price $54. When I first saw this in my box I didn’t think I was going to like it at all. But when I put it on I realized how gorgeous it is. It’s actually not see through and it is pretty sturdy. I was worried it would be fragile. The overlay is very nice and I can see myself wearing this to work with a cardigan this summer!
Status – kept 
Renee C Grey Huebert Space Dye Open Cardigan. Price $58. Yay a cardigan!  I have received Renee C items before from Golden Tote and I really like them. This cardigan may not be the most exciting but it’s exactly the type of things I’m looking for and will wear often!
Status – kept. 

41Hawthorne Edwin Scarf Print Top. Size small. Price $58. This top is cute but the print is not my style. I decided to see if I could sell it on the Stitch Fix B/S/T Facebook page. I sold it right away and glad it has a new home.

Status – sold

Bay to Baubles Waverly Statement Necklace.  Turquoise and Gold.  Price $34. I really like this necklace it’s a pretty turquoise and gold. I do have something similar so I have it up for sale or trade right now. The more I look at it the more I love it though so I really may keep it!
Status- undecided 

My total fix at full price would be $282 less the $20 styling fee made it $262. If I kept the 3 items I wanted I would have paid $170 for my fix. If I kept all 5 items I only paid $191.50 since I got the 25% discount.  It was really a no brainer to keep the extra 2 items for only $21.50 more and get the discount. Since I sold the scarf print shirt for $45 I really think I got a good deal!
I am thrilled with my first Stitch Fix. My stylist Ja’Neece really did a great job!  I have scheduled another fix for July and I’ve gotten a Pinterest board together so I bet it will be even better. Since I got my Golden Tote on the same day I’m also going to do a comparison post between the two.  Look for that soon!

Author: had4567

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