Golden Tote Vs Stitch Fix May 2015

Since I got my Golden Tote and Stitch Fix boxes on the same day I thought it would be fun to do a comparison post. You can read my full review on my Golden Tote here and Stitch Fix here.  Who do you think will win!?!?

Golden Tote $149 for 6 items. That’s $24.83 per item. 
Stitch Fix $211.50 for 5 items. That’s $42.30 per item. 
Golden Tote is the clear winner for better value here. 
Golden Tote 3/6 50%
Stitch Fix 3/5 60% (maybe higher if I keep the necklace. 

Stitch Fix wins this round with a larger % of items kept. 


I’m gonna have to go with Stitch Fix on this one as based upon this first fix the items seem to be a better quality and not such thin fabric. For instance if you look at the two grey cardigans I received from Golden Tote on the left and Stitch Fix on the right, you can tell the material of the Stitch Fix one is just a better quality. I’m ok with this as the price point on Golden Tote is quite a lot lower. But it’s something to consider for durability of clothes. 

I’m also going with Stitch Fix on this as Golden Tote has a limited number of surprise items so you see a lot of people getting the same things in Facebook reveals. There seems to be more variety for Stitch Fix which I think is just due to their different business model. 
I think this is a tie as both have very active trading communities. I sold a few items right away from these totes and I’m sure I will eventually sell or trade everything I don’t want. 
EASE OF ORDERING.  Hahah I have to laugh just because Golden Tote has been an absolute nightmare to order from the last few months. Their new website still has some bugs and also the nature of their sale being a flash sale makes it a bit hectic on tote day,  Since you don’t have any chosen items for Stitch Fix you can schedule it whenever you want. Definitely goes to Stitch Fix. 


Stitch Fix is really designed to keep what you want and return the rest, they even send you a prepaid return envelope with your fix. However there are some real incentives to keeping some or all of your items since you will lose your $20 styling fee if you don’t keep anything. Also you get a 25% off if your keep everything. 

In contrast Golden Tote is really designed to be all or nothing. You either keep your whole tote or return it for a full refund. It is your responsibility to pay for the return shipping though which can run $8-$10. You are allowed to keep some items now but you will have to pay boutique price for the chosen items (typically $40-$70 each) and $35 for surprise items. 

I think it give it to Stich Fix on this one since they give you the prepaid shipping envelope. 

EXTRAS. Not to be dimished with Golden Tote is you do get a reusable tote with each order.  My mom and I use these all the time so it’s definitely a bonus. I also use the ribbon Golden Tote wraps our clothes in to make hair ties. Stitch Fix doesn’t give any tangible extras but you do get a personalized note from your stylist about why they picked the items for you which is a touch. I give this round to Golden Tote

I made these. 🙂

Well this is quite a surprise to me as Stitch Fix takes this 5:2:1. I really thought Golden Tote would take this. I have to say I’m very happy with my first Stitch Fix but since it was my first I need to get some more to compare too. I think one thing that Golden Tote edges Stitch Fix out on is overall fun. It just such a blast to see all the reveals on the Golden Tote trading Facebook page and the interaction with Jen Goldentote over there who is an actual CS rep for Golden Tote. Stitch Fix also has some great Facebook communities too and I’m getting to know them better!  Overall I’m thrilled to have two clothing subs I’m loving right now. 

Author: had4567

6 thoughts on “Golden Tote Vs Stitch Fix May 2015”

  1. Ya fortunately that has not been my experience with Golden Tote at all. I'm 14 totes in and I've had great experience with quality for the price and CS! I know others have had problems tho. 😦


  2. I think maybe Golden Tote may win on “Cost”, but “Value” has to weigh in the quality of the items as well, which you give to SF. Also if you have to keep everything or nothing, then SF at least gives you Cost Flexibility (keep as many items as you can afford, keep all for a discount) with a $20 risk. Thanks for comparing, this is extremely helpful!


  3. Yes you are right that the value is higher for quality on SF and from what I've seen that will pretty much be the case with most items which is fair as SF items do cost more. Thanks this was a fun post to do and ultimately I love all kinds of clothes!


  4. Thanks for the review comparison. I got both this month and I agree with everything you said. I think both services are fun, and I liked all but one item in my Golden Tote at first glance, but after trying on I'm not as thrilled (lots of fit issues even though everything is a large!) and am debating returning all. Maybe I'll try to sell and keep the three items I kind of like. Stitch Fix, the quality is definitely better and the clothes are more unique for sure


  5. I would definitely try to sell them as you might have items others are looking for! I'd have good look with selling or trading over there. I'm super excited for my next fix too!!


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