Target Men’s Beauty Box

The Target beauty boxes are released usually quarterly and have full and deluxe size items.  They sell out super fast so you have to jump on them when they go on sale. I purchased the Women’s box and Men’s box this time. I haven’t gotten the Women’s box yet but here is what I got in the Men’s box.

I purchased this for my Dad but I knew there were a couple of items he wouldn’t use but since the box only cost $5 I knew I would get my money’s worth!
First Look

Product Card

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor.  Value $8.99. This razor is worth more than the cost of the box!  Its a fairly standard reusable razor that comes with one cartridge but you can buy refills. 

Axe Styling Messy Look Gel and Styling Spiked Up Extra Hold Gel. .65oz each. Value $1.51. Now these I know my Dad wouldn’t use because he doesn’t have much hair. Lol. I will probably either give these away or put it in an Instagram auction. 

Dove Men + Care Oxygen Charge Shampoo. 1.8floz. Value $.42. My Dad does use shampoo but he prefers Pantene I guess lol. I think he should try this since it helps with fullness and natural volume but that’s ok I will probably just give this away. 

Orabrush Tongue Cleanser. Value $4.49. I have to say this is kinda pink for a men’s box but that’s Ok I guess. I have never had a tongue scrapper before and I’m considering keeping this for myself!

I calculate a value of $15.41 for this box eventhough it had a promised value of $20 I still got a good deal for the $5.16 I paid for it (the box was $5 but I got 5% off with my Target card plus tax.  Shipping was free!) so I’m totally happy with this. Can’t wait for the women’s box to get here. 

Author: had4567

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