Memebox Tropical Fruit Smoothie Box Unboxing

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After a long break I have been gradually buying a few boxes Memebox lately.  One of the boxes I was excited about was the summer sounding Fruit Smoothie box.  I hoped there would be some great fruity items in here. Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card

Botanic Farm Natural Energy Mask Sheet Kiwi. Value $2. I got this sheet mask in the Botanic Farm Memebox but I haven’t used it yet. I like Kiwi masks but have been overloaded with them for some reason lately so I may sell or give this one away. I’m happy to have this in the box though. 

Goodal Phytoshine Acaiberry Brightening Emulsion. 130ml. Value $30. I have been wanting to try Goodal products as I’ve heard some great things about them so I’m thrilled to see a full size product in here.  This is an emulsion (like a light lotion) which is great as I should be able to use it in the summer. This emulsion is made with fermented ingredients and brightens and hydrates the skin. Great!

SNP Don’t Worry Mango Sleeping Pack. 4 pieces. Value $8. This package got a little squished in transit but everything inside was fine. I love all types of mango and it’s one of my favorite fruits to eat so I love this!  These are nice large packs so I think you could get more than one use out of each. One thing to note as these do have alcohol in them pretty high up the ingredient list so if you are sensitive to alcohol be careful. Luckily I don’t react to alcohol though I try to avoid it where possible. I’ll try these out soon!

Skinfood Avocado Rich Leave-in Fluid. 110ml. Value $9.40. I thought this was a skincare product at first since Skinfood does have an avocado skincare line but this is for your hair!  It’s a leave in conditioner (or hair lotion as Memebox calls it!). I actually hope this does not smell like avocado as I don’t care for that scent. Also hopefully this is not too heavy for my hair to use in the summer in the humid KS weather. If it is I can always save it for when it cools down. 

Skinfood Pineapple Morning Peeling Gel. 100ml. Value $15.20.  I’ve heard good things about this peeling gel so I’m thrilled to be able to try it!  I love Skinfood and pineapple extract is great as a natural exfoliant. Will try this out soon. 

I calculate a value of $64.60 for this box and I only paid $31.20 for it so I got more than double the value. I’m really happy with this box and I feel like Memebox is starting to return a bit to good boxes. These aren’t the same crazy and new products as when Memebox was based in Korea but these are still interesting and good quality products!

Author: had4567

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