Memebox Skin Factory Mask Value Box Unboxing

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After a long break I have been gradually buying a few boxes Memebox lately.  When I saw spoilers for the Skin Factory Mask Value Box I knew I wanted it. 10 masks for $19…sweet!  These are very nice quality masks too.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card

Vega Vitaplex Ampoule Mask. 2 masks. Value $8. These masks are really high quality cellulose sheet masks. They have a ton of essence on them, like 10ml more than most masks which is a lot.  This mask contains vitamins to help brighten the skin. 

Solution A-Plus Ampoule Mask. 2 masks. Value $8. This mask targets troubled skin. I tried this out immediately since I was having some acne issues. It worked well but did leave a bit of a sticky residue on my face long after use. I had to wipe it off. It did leave my skin feeling clearer and moisturized. 

EGF Moisturetox Ampoule Mask. 2 masks. Value $8. This mask increases skin flexibility and conditioning. Its moisturizing and has anti aging properties. 

Aqua Skin-in Ampoule Mask. 2 masks. Value $8. This mask is hydrating and soothing.  It contains seawater and almond oil both of which are very moisturizing. I’m afraid this may be a bit too moisturizing for my skin in the summer so I may save them until it gets colder.

Volcanic Ash Black 3D Mask. 2 masks. Value $8. This is a black mask that is also 3D which are designed to fit the face better. The ash helps keep pores clean and your face free of sebum. I’ll try this one soon. 

This box has a value of $40 and I only paid $15.20. This is a great deal and ion really happy that Memebox seems to be picking up its game with these boxes again. 

Author: had4567

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