This Week in Masks – 6/14

Here are the masks I used this week.

Altchek Dermatologist MD DePuff Eye Pads.  I got these from Ipsy and was surprised that they are made in Korea. These are nice little eye pads and temporarily reduced puffiness and swelling under my eyes.  

Skinfactory Solution A Plus. I got this from the Skinfactory box from Memebox. This is a nice mask that has a very thick sheet and a ton of essence. This one targets acne and skin trouble and I think it did help my skin. It did leave my face sticky even after about an hour after I took it off, so I had to wipe my face. 

The History of Whoo Gold Peel off Mask. 
 I got this from Mask Genie. If you have never used a peel off mask it’s a really satisfying process. It’s kinda like peeling your skin after a sunburn.  Lol. This one had very noticeable gold in it. It made my face feel smooth and moisturized. I really like it. 

That’s it for this week. What masks did you use this week?

Author: had4567

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