Mishibox June 2015 Unboxing

The very first Mishibox has arrived. I preordered this box many months ago and it went though a few changes over those months but it finally launched.

Mishibox is a U.S. Based Korean beauty box that sends 4-6 deluxe and full sized items each month. The cost is $18.95 per month now during the initial promotional phase but it is going up to $19.95 if you don’t lock in that rate now. Right now shipping is to US and territories only but there is an international waiting list to sign up for here
I will admit at first I was disappointed with this box as I got many duplicate items and a popular brand that I won’t use. But I have larger than normal Korean Beauty stash and seriously I can’t blame them.  So I’m looking at this objectively as to the products in this box, knowing I can easily sell what I don’t want. 
First Look
I love the cute bunny logo. 

Product Card. And an even more exciting addition is the full ingredients list of each product in English is posted on the website. This is huge and something lacking in most Korean Beauty sites and boxes. You can see the ingredients for this box here Launch box 

Banila Co Clean it Zero. 7ml. Value $1.33. This is a very popular cleaning oil balm and I think a nice addition to this first box. I have used this before and even bought the full size version but I have subsequently found a cleansing balm I prefer better (Sum37 melting balm). This is a great lower cost alternative though as the Sum37 is much more expensive. I sold this to someone who will use this! 

Benton Honest Cleansing Foam. 8ml. Value $.64. Here’s the deal – I don’t use Benton products as I don’t trust the company due to past contamination issues.  But that is a personal decision and Benton is quite popular so it’s ok that it’s in here. I just won’t use this. A cleansing foam is a nice addition as there are both cleansers in this box to do the double cleansing method which is quite popular in K-Beauty. 

Benton Snail Bee High Content Mask Pack. Value $3. What would a K-beauty box be without a sheet mask?  This mask contains both snail secretion and bee venom which are both super popular in Korean beauty. I think this is a nice sheet mask but I won’t use it since it’s from Benton. 

Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel. Value $12. Aloe gels are great for summer and the larger the % of aloe the better. This is 99% aloe which is great.  There are many uses for aloe gel but I really like to rub some on my arms and legs when I go to bed. It’s so hot in KS sometimes it really helps keep me cool!  I’ve received this exact gel from Memebox and I have a huge tub of it plus a backup so I’m good on aloe gel. I will sell this. 

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner. Value $8. Various colors were available for this eyeliner and I got 07 One Carat Diamond. I think this is a really pretty white sparkly color.  Korean eyeliners tend to be very good too. I have a very similar colored eyeliner and I only use it occasionally so I really don’t need another one so I will probably sell this. 

Skylake Oriental Herb Cool Shampoo. Value $5. Now this natural shampoo is a product I’m really excited about. I’ve heard great things about the Skylake brand but I have never tried anything. A shampoo is also something I can always use. I was a little alarmed to see an actual herb floating in it but it’s supposed to be there!  This product claims to prevent dandruff, itching and hair loss – great!!

I calculate a value of about $30 for this box and I paid $18.95. This is a nice mix of products but I think there is room for improvement.  I would like a little higher value and more variety of products as although there are 6 items, there are only 4 different brands. I would love there to be a few more less mainstream brands too but still this is a great first box. I decided to go ahead and sign up for a subscription and I can’t wait to see what July brings. 

Author: had4567


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