Beauteque June 2015 BB Bag Unboxing

I’m This month is the last in my 6 month sub to Beauteque monthly BB bag. I decided to let this month be the deciding factor if I renew or not.  I also was supposed to receive a $50 gift for preordering this bag…keep reading for that.   Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card

May Island Peach Hand Cream. Value $6. I accidentally deleted my picture of this and I sold it so I can’t take another!  This smells just like peaches and it looks quite similar to the Tonymoly peach hand cream. I really don’t love peach hand cream and that’s why I sold it. 

Tonymoly Timeless EGF Second Skin Eye Goggles. Value $7.  I’ve been getting a lot of eye goggle masks like these lately and that’s good as I like to use eye masks. This mask contains essence to provide anti aging and brightening to the eye area. I will use these soon. 

icharming Witch’s Pouch Lip and Eye Remover. Value $10. Yay I love that there is some eye makeup remover in here. I am just about out of makeup remover upstairs so I will try this out soon. 

Tonymoly Cotton Nail Ball. Value $4. Ok I have a confession to make, these cotton balls are my favorite item in this bag!  The packaging is so cute and I don’t know why but the colored cotton balls are just too cute. I don’t know that I want to use them or just display them. 🙂

iCharming nail polish. Value $5.  This polish was the item we could chose but I certainly did not pick this yellow as it’s the only color I don’t wear. I will see if I can sell this. 

Baviphat Strawberry Toxifying Mask. Value $26.  I love this packaging. This is a deep clean wash off clay mask. It contains strawberry extract and fruit acids that speed up removal of dead skin cells. It also contains antioxidants to help control the signs of aging and protect skin. I am excited to try this and I hope it’s not too drying like some clay masks are. 

Baviphat Peach All-in-One Peeling Gel Mini. Value $5. Another cute packaging. This is an exfoliate with vitamin C to help brighten skin and reduce the appearance of pores. I’ll probably spot test this before I try it to make sure it’s not too strong for my face. 

Here is the makeup bag from this month. I really like the Paris theme and the cute flower zipper pull. 

And that is it!  But wait remember when I said I was supposed to get s $50 gift since I preordered a 6 month sub?  Well at first I thought they just left it out of the bag because all the other gifts were included.  I contacted customer service and they said the gift was mailed separately and I should receive it soon.  I will update after I receive it.  Ok I have finally received my free gift so I wanted to updated this post. I received a sheet mask, Etude House moistfull skin care kit, and a Beauteque brand pore brush. I’m pretty happy with this though I think $50 is a bit high of value. 

I calculate a value of $63 for this bag and I paid $23. This is a good value and despite the lack of gift I decided to renew my subscription on a month to month basis. It’s only an extra $1 per month to drop to a monthly renewal and I like to have the flexibility!  Overall I’m pretty happy with this bag. 

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