This Week in Masks – 6/21

Here are the masks I used this week.

Coni Beauty Orchid Whitening and Anti Wrinkle Mask. I got this one from Mask Genie and I used it mostly because of the cute cartoon on it lol. But it smelled great just like orchid but not overpowering.  It left my face feeling soft and not too sticky.  The mask fit Ok but could have fit better around my nose.

Mediheal Dress Code Blue. Ok yes I jumped into this trend and did a “pretty” mask.   I realize there are no benefits better than a normal sheet mask but I still like it. I bought a couple of these from Korea Depart for pretty cheap. This one has quite large eye holes but otherwise fit my face pretty well. I thought it had a lot of essence and a nice thick sheet that held the moisture well. My face felt moisturized and not sticky. 

Lebelage Egg Mask.  I got this from Mask Genie and was curious to try it as I’ve never tried an egg mask!  I think I actually wanted to use this because I ate some deviled eggs tonight. Lol. Anyhow this one does not smell at all like eggs and had a light perfume smell to it. There was a lot of essence and it fit my face nicely. My face was soft and moisturized after using but I did have an odd tingling sensation while using it. I haven’t noticed any other effects yet but will update if I do. 

Mio Concentrate Anti Wrinkle Eye mask. I actually just got this in my June Mask Genie which Unboxing will be coming soon. One thing I didn’t do very well was check the ingredients before I used this. Totally my fault as they ingredients were on here in English  and I realized after use this has olive oil in it which irritates my skin. So far I’ve just noticed minor redness so I think no harm done. This is a cotton sheet eye mask which I typically use gel. I think I prefer gel eye masks but these were nice too. 

That’s it for this week. What masks did you use this week?!?

Author: had4567

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