Dottiebox Mystery Box Unboxing

Dottiebox is not a box that I regularly subscribe to but when they recently released some mystery boxes I picked one up!

Dottiebox is a curated box that features handmade items, small businesses and indie brands. So mostly a lot of stuff from Etsy. You can get all kinds of items from home items, jewelry, beauty products and much more. 
The mystery box is a mix of items from previous boxes that they have left over. It cost $15 plus $6 shipping. Let’s see what I got!
First Look
Sugarbox Sundries Lollipops. Value $4. This was from the May 2015 box. I think these lollipops are adorable. I got Strawberry Rose and Strawberry Banana. I actually already ate both of these lol. They are pretty big too at 1.2oz each. I thought they were pretty good and the dried fruit and candy in the middle is a nice touch. 

Dinglewood Design & Press Gift Tags. Value $2. From Dec mini box. These are cute little handmade and stamped gift tags. These are kinda Christmasy so I’ll probably put it away for next Christmas. 

Esther & Mila E&M Apothecary Bracelet. Value $23.  I couldn’t find these in a recent box maybe that it’s from an older box. I love this little bracelet it’s got a very pretty pink stone in it. It’s just big enough for my wrist. I luckily have small wrists but I think they really should have made this a bit bigger. 

Dream Willow Studio Bunny Earrings. Value $10.   From the June mini box. These little bunny earrings are my favorite item in this box. I love little delicate animal jewelry and I do have pierced ears so I can’t wait to wear these. 

Spruce & Fresh Luxury Bath Products Cupcake Bath Bomb. Value $10. From

June box. I think this bath bomb is adorable and looks just like a cupcake. I do take baths in my spa tub but it’s too hot in the summer. I’ll save this for when it cools down and I like to take baths in the fall or winter. 
The Modern Typography Recipe Cards. Value $6. These are nice recipe cards and if I actually cooked of baked I could see using them. Lol. I will probably give these away. 

I calculate a value of $55 for this box and I paid $21. I think this was a fun mix of different products and I think I got really lucky to get such a great box!  I may consider signing up for the mini box since I enjoyed this so much!

Author: had4567

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