Stitchfix #2 Unboxing

I liked my first Stitch Fix so much I decided to schedule another one. I tweaked my profile a bit and added a Pinterest inspiration board so hoped that would help my stylist find items I’d love. I also specifically asked for a knee length or midi skirt for work. 

If you are unfamiliar with Stitch Fix it is a personalized clothing service. You fill out a very detailed style profile with your likes and dislikes. In your style profile you can leave your stylist notes and even add a link to a Pinterest board where you can add pictures of specific items you would like and they can try to send you or be inspired by. In your profile you can also set price limits for your items. I mostly kept my budget on the lower end. You choose when you want your fix to ship and pay a $20 styling fee. The $20 styling fee is applied to anything you keep. You receive 5 clothing and accessories items. 

The real appeal of Stitch Fix is you can try on and return any or all items. If you don’t keep anything all you lose is your $20 styling fee!  If you keep everything you get a 25% discount. Ok ready to see what I got in my first fix?!

First Look. My stylist was Ja’Neece once again. 

Street Level Marlon Structured Bucket Bag. Brown. Price $54.  This is cute and I love the color. Unfortunately I have an irrational hatred of bucket bags. I don’t know what it is but I just don’t like the style of them. I also prefer purses that zip closed. 

Status – returned 

Kut From The Kloth Siena Cropped Pant. Red. Price $58.  These pants were a perfect fit and style for me. I really debated keeping these but I just don’t see me wearing them much in this color.   They are so cute though but ultimately I decided to give them up.

Status – returned

Papermoon Charissa Skirt. Dark Grey. Price $58. Yay this is exactly what I was looking for a nice cute professional skirt for work. It’s definitely a basic item but i love the pleats. It’s one of those skirts that twirls with you!  I wore this already and it’s quite comfortable. The Papermoon brand makes this exclusively for Stitch Fix too!

Status – kept

BRIXON IVY Fallon Mixed Print Sleeveless Blouse. Price $44. This print is not me at all. I do appreciate that my stylist noted that it included two of my favorite colors – purple and blue which is true. I like the style of this but not for me. 

Status – returned 

Sweet Rain Galeno Mixed Material Knit Top. Price $38. No!  Just no.  I’m it a huge fan of mixed media tops like this and the fact that the bottom half is sheer is even worse. 

Status – returned 

The total price of this fix was $252 and it would have cost me $169 to keep it all. Ultimately I decided to just keep the skirt so I paid another $38 for the skirt and didn’t lose my styling fee. 

This fix wasn’t the best for me but I’m super happy with the item I liked. I did go in and change my setting for shirt costs as I had it set as the cheaper the better and I think that limited my options. I’ve sheduled my next fix for Sept so I can hopefully get some fun fall clothes. 

Author: had4567

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