July 2015 Mishibox Unboxing

I actually thought I had cancelled my  Mishibox subscription but I must not have canceled in time. My assessment of the first box is that it was great for a beginner but not so much for someone heavily into K-beauty like I am so let’s see how this second box goes. 

Mishibox is a U.S. Based Korean beauty box that sends 4-6 deluxe and full sized items each month. The cost is $18.95 per month now during the initial promotional phase but it is going up to $19.95 if you don’t lock in that rate now. Right now shipping is to US and territories only but there is an international waiting list to sign up for here

First Look

Product Card

Kwailnara Touch Therapy Cacao Pore Clear Nose Sheet. Value $1. I have never heard of this brand but it is a Korean brand under the Welcos parent brand which I have heard of and are pretty good quality. I’m not a big fan of nose pore strips because they hurt the skin on my nose. I also don’t like chocolate or cocoa scented skincare products. However, both of these are popular in K-beauty so I think this is a good addition to the box. 

Kwailnara Hand Essence. Pink Peach. Value $7. There were several different scents of hand cream you could get and I got pink peach. It smells nicely but quite strong so I think it’s a bit too strong for me. I’ll probably sell or give this away. 

It’s Skin Macaron Lip Balm. Green Apple. Value $10.50.  There were also several flavors of this lip balm available. I’ve gotten these lip balms before and they are ok but the big draw is how cute the packaging are. I will also probably sell or give this away. 

Missha The Style Lip & Eye Makeup Remover. Value $9. Yay I like makeup remover in these boxes though I’ve been getting quite a bit in boxes lately.  This makeup remover is the regular version but there was also a green tea version available. 

Confume Argan Gold Hair Pack. Value $2. This is a hair pack that contains Argan oil to help repair damaged hair. It also contains coconut and almond oil.  This also says it will moisturize and voluminize hair. My hair is super thick as it is so I really don’t need voluminizing so I will give this away or sell it. 

MJ Care Essence Mask. Value $2.  This is a charcoal sheet mask. There were a lot of different types of mask available but I’m happy to get the charcoal one as I don’t have a lot of charcoal masks. 

The value of this box is $31.50 and I paid $18.95 for the box.  This is a nice box and a decent value. I do think this is a good box for someone new to Asian skincare but I have cancelled my box for now. 

Author: had4567


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