This Week in Masks -7/19

Here are the masks I used this week.

Sister Diary Apple Polyphenol Platinum. I got this from Mask Genie and this is the first time I’ve used a product from this brand. This smelled great like apple and it covered my face very well. Lots of essence and it left my face soothed. This masks is targeted to oily skin which mine is in the summer. I really liked this. 
Mediheal Paraffin Foot Mask. I got this from Memebox when I needed to up my order for free shipping. I like moisturizing foot masks like these for the summer. This one did not have much of a scent and left my feet soft and smooth!

So my aunt, uncle and cousin Joey came to visit us in KS. It’s super hot out so we had to find some indoor activities. My Mom and Aunt Kim and I decided to do sheet masks. And by decided I mean I forced them to do it lol.  I thought it was fun and we had a good laugh!
Etude House Mango –my aunt Kim used this one and she said it had a lot of essence. She said “It feels very softening and the fragrance was nice.”  She was surprised. 
Skylake Relaxing Trouble Care. I bought this from the new Skylakeshop website.  It smelled a bit odd but it was a nice thick sheet. It did dry out pretty quickly but it has been really hot in KS so that may have been part of why. My face felt great and soft after using this. 
Innisfree Whitening. My mom used this as she wanted to help lighten some dark spots. It fit her face well and had a lot of essence. She thought it was refreshing since it was hot out. 

My aunt, me and my mom!

That’s it for this week. What masks did you use this week?

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