July Barkbox Unboxing

I’m not sure what the theme is for the July Barkbox as I forgot to look on the card and I can’t really tell from the items. It’s still fun though!   Let’s see what we got!

First Look

Product Card

Emerald Pet Piggy Twizzies. Value $4. Treats like this are a bit too hard for my pup plus she tends to get stick like things stuck in her throat!  That’s ok as we will give this to a bigger dog friend. 

Lucky Dog Grain Free Roast Duck Treats. Value $9. This look like a pretty good size for Lucy. We have some other treats open but will try these after those are gone. 

My Doggy Cheese Cookies. Value $10. I did let Lucy try these out right away because if you asked her what her favorite food was (and she could talk!) she would say cheese!  These were a hit with her though a bit crumbly. 

FabDog Circus Ticket. Value $8. I let Lucy play with this toy and she liked that it had squeakers and crinkle in it. Of course she ripped a big hole in it to get the squeakers out in about 5 minutes but that is the norm for her!  Destructive little thing. 

R2P Pets Silly Bum Bumblebee. Value $7. What a cute little fat bumblebee. We put this up to play with later since we already got one toy. 

I calculate a value of $38 for this box and I paid $21. This was a nice pick me up for Lucy as she is battling some stomach and internal organ issues right now. She is so skinny in this pic but I do feed her!  Don’t worry she is under doctors care, I have the massive vet bills to prove it :). She seems to be slowly getting better fingers crossed!

Author: had4567


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