Kloverbox July 2015 Unboxing

Kloverbox is one of my very favorite subscription boxes. Every month is consistently good with useful and fun items to use.  It’s not just a beauty box, or a nutrition box or a lifestyle box it’s a little bit of all of that.  I’m not a big fan of how late the boxes have been shipping lately but it’s usually worth the wait! Let’s see what I got!  

First Look

Product Card – woo it’s the one year anniversary. 

Ellison’s Organics – 3 free nail lacquer.  Value $12.  This color is Kaptivating Koral a bright metallic coral pink. I’ve used this brand before and it’s quite nice and I like that this is an exclusive color for this box. But I have to be honest I’m not a fan of this color at all. It’s nice but not for me. 

Praerie Botanicals Tonka Body Balm.  Value $20. This body balm is made from Brazilian Tonka bean oil which is an optical brightener for skin.  Hmm it also contains pure plant butter and virgin coconut oil. When I first got this it was really runny as it sat in my mailbox in the hot weather for a while so I wasn’t sure if it would turn solid but it is in liquid form. It smelled great like coconut but I think I used a bit too much and it was kinda greasy. Next time I will know to use just a little bit. 

Previse Skincare SunSheer SPF30 Sunscreen Moisturizer. Value $36. I’ve gotten products from Previse before and thought they were Ok. This contains antioxidants and licorice root to boost hydration plus also functions as a Sunscreen. I haven’t decided if I am going to keep this or not yet. 

FlutterFly Scrubs Skin a polish in Creamcicle. Value $8.95. This smelled delicious as soon as I opened my box just sugary sweet like cake – yum!  I love sugar scrubs and this one is made with vegan ingredients. I really want to try some other scents in the Flutterfly Scrubs Etsy store so good thing Kloverbox box always gives us coupon codes for the items we get! 

I calculate a value of $78.95 and I only paid $23.50 so this is a great value. I have to be honest though and this is really not my favorite Kloverbox by a long shot. Despite the high value, I wish there was one more item in here. I’m hoping next month will be a bit better and it will ship earlier in the month!

Author: had4567


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