Mask Genie July Pouch Unboxing

Mask Genie  is a company based in Hong Kong that sends masks from all over Asia.  I know of Genie from her blog Genie’s Favorite Products and respect that she will send quality masks that she would use herself.  They offer a 5 mask pouch for $12 and a 10 mask pouch for $22.  This price includes shipping and all fees.  I’ve been a subscriber since Mask Genie’s first pouch and if you are an Asian beauty mask fan I promise you if you subscribe you will never be disappointed!  Let’s see what I got!

First Look

New info cards – I still wish we would get a product card but understand that Genie is a small business and her unboxing videos are detailed!

Bangkok Face Lychee Anti-Melasma Mask. Thailand. My first mask from Thailand. This is a gel mask that is made with lychee which is a fruit and I’ve had it in tea. It’s rich and vitamins and I am excited to try it!  This is a small sample but should last for a couple of uses. 

Chun Mei Crystal Collagen Mouth Mask. Thailand. This masks looks a bit naughty to me so I really can’t even look at it without laughing because I’m 12. Lol. Anyhow it is a hydrogel lip mask and is unique as it has a hole for your mouth. Most lip masks are solid so you really can’t move your mouth or talk until you are doing using it!  I like gel mouth masks as they help my lips stay moisturized. 

Deweytree Squalene Resilience Solution Mask. Korea. I like Dewytree masks as I’ve used this brand I’ve received in Memebox before.  Squalene is an oil that is used for moisturizing so this should be a good mask when it gets a bit colder. 

Ginseng Health Patch. Korea.  I’ve been curious about health patches like these which are supposed to be good for aches and pains. I get a sore back and neck sometimes so definitely have a use for these. Genie sent us two patches too!

Seatree Ice Fresh Mask Sheet. Korea. I’ve used Seatree products before and they are decent. This is an anti-aging mask that is designed to be used refrigerated. I don’t like super cold masks so I will probably just use this like a normal mask. 

Miss Carol Kiwi Whitening & Brightening Mask. Hong Kong. I have never heard of this brand but I do like masks with kiwi in them. I like that this is a mask from Hong Kong too as that is where Mask Genie is based. 

Ryeo:hui Ultra Hydrating Essence Mask. Pearl. Korea. Another new brand to me. I like Pearl masks as they are brightening and I use them mainly when my face is red or irritated. 

Farm Stay Green Tea Seed Mask. Korea. I love green tea in skincare and green tea seed is great. I like the packaging on this as it looks very fresh. Not that it means the ingredients are fresh but I still think packaging is half of the appeal to Korean beauty. Lol. 

Yadah Cleansing Nose Pack. Korea. Another cute package. I’m familiar with Yadah from memebox and it’s a decent brand. I don’t use nose strips though so I will sell or give this away. 

Another great pouch from Mask Genie!  I love these pouches so much I just ordered a special edition pouch from her. Soon I will need to do 2 masks a day to use all that I have up. Lol. 

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