Skylake Shop Online Haul.

Today I am going to show you a relatively new to me Korean brand called Skylake. The brand is based on the CEOs family formula made of 18 times of oriental herbs. These herbs take 72 hours of boiling and 90 days of maturation and fermentation. Whoa!  Of course I needed to try this!

Skylake recently opened up an online store that ships to the U.S. and is based out of their NYC store. I first heard of Skylake from Tracy over at the Fanserviced-b blog and I also received a sample shampoo I the first Mishibox. I was super excited to order from them when the online shop opened and I almost immediately made a good sized order. Let’s see what I got!!

First Look
Mask Sets!  Price $45.   The first thing I bought were some masks as I heard they were amazing.  Now these masks are not cheap at $3 a mask these 15 masks cost $45 but they are really nice masks with amazing ingredients.  I got one set each of the pore/elastic care, brightening and relaxing/trouble care masks. I used one already and it was either the brightening or relaxing I’m not sure as it doesn’t have it in English on the mask lol. I really like the mask even though it smelled a bit herby. It was a thick mask and left my face feeling soft and moisturized. Amazing!
Herbal Cool Shampoo.  Price $16. I got a sample of this in Mishibox and I liked it so well I got a larger size. It is safe for color treated hair and even has Wilfordi root which protects color and prevents hair loss. This also has menthol in it so it has a cooling sensation which is nice.  It’s recommended for sensitive scalp and damaged hair which I have but really anyone could use this. 

Skylake Silk Cocoon Hair Conditioner Mini. Price $5. I bought this in mini form to try out and glad I did as it did not work for my hair. It contains real silk cocoon extract and hydrolyzed silk cocoon. This smelled like Jasmine to me It’s recommended for people with weak, damaged and dry hair. I’m not sure if it’s the humidity where I live or what but it left a really weird texture in my hair. It was heavy almost like I sprayed it all with hairspray. Weird.

Oriental Herbal Relax Toner Mini. Price $5. I grabbed a mini of this toner too which contains 100% extracted and distilled

water and 18 different herbs. This is a moisturizing toner that can be used by any skin type. I haven’t tried this out yet mostly because I put it somewhere and haven’t found it yet I know it’s in the house somewhere so I’ll find it!

Silk Hand Cream.  Price $12. I have a ton of hand cream but I just couldn’t resist trying this one. This contains silk amino acids. It also contains lemon and grapefruit.  It’s not really very smelly and is not greasy.  I really like this!
Oriental Herb Cleansing Powder. Value $19. This was a free gift with a $45 purchase. The promo is still going on last I checked!  I don’t like powder cleansers as I find them messy so I actually sold this. 

Free Samples!  They sent tons of samples. 

I paid $90.36 with tax for this order. Shipping was free with a $75 order and since it shipped from NY it shipped really quickly. I received my 4 days which is super fast. I’m impressed with this brand and am really happy that K-beauty is getting more accessible in the U.S!

Author: had4567

4 thoughts on “Skylake Shop Online Haul.”

  1. Heather, I got my purchase from you and I actually did a little happy dance when I saw that Skylake mask as an awesome freebie you threw in! Thank you, I'm ridiculously excited to try it! I fell in love with the Skylake shampoo from Mishibox too and am so psyched there's a US shop, how I missed Tracys post is beyond me. I read her religiously, ha! Anyways. Thank you.


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