Memebox Gwiyomi 2.0 Unboxing

Memebox recently had a huge box sale and I had 10 points from a survey and a coupon code so I couldn’t resist picking up a few boxes. The last box I received was the Gwiyomi (or cute 2.0) box. Memebox has had a bumpy ride when it comes to the past cute boxes (remember the creepy doll anyone?) so you never know what you will get in these boxes. Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card

Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm. 01 Red Cupcake. Value $10. A+ for cute packaging on this one. I’ve actually received one of these before and they do smell like cupcakes. I have a ton of lip balm but I have plans for this guy (hint look for a giveaway next week :))

Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Cushy Blusher #2. Value $14. This cushion blusher was one of the main reasons I got this box as it’s just too cute. I’m curious about the cushion applicator too and am glad we got an extra top with this box.  The color is a very pretty light pink that I really like!

The Face Shop Love Me:ex Mini Pet Perfume Hand Cream. 04 Fruity Floral. Value $8. I’ve received another one of these cute kitties before in a Memebox. I find the packaging adorbs but the lotion wasn’t particularly good. That’s ok as I doubt anyone ever wanted this for the lotion. I will be giving this away too. 

Etude House My Beauty Tool Shower Puff. Value $5.   This cat is kinda creepy to me but I know some people like cat stuff.  I don’t use shower puffs either so I will give this away. 

Derfill Zoo a Animal Real Masks. 3 masks. Value $12. Now animal face masks are really popular right now but I confess that they freak me out when they are on the face. Lol. I love that we got 3 masks in this box and they have different uses, Aqua, vitamin and collagen. I’m planning to put these in a giveaway too!

I calculate a value of $49 for this box and I only paid $10.02. That’s a fantastic value eventhough I’m only going to use one item I really wanted some of the others for a giveaway. I think this was a really nice box for the price I paid!

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