This Week in Masks – 8/2

Here are the masks I used this week.

Skylake Elastic Care Mask. I tried another of my Skylake masks this week. This one is for elastic and pore care. This was just as lovely as the first I wore but it didn’t dry out as quickly. Probably because I wasn’t laughing and messing around with my family like the first one I did!  My face felt very moisturized and I think my pores did look visibly smaller after use. I love these masks!

Farm Stay Green Tea Seed. From Mask Genie. This was a decent mask and had a lot of essence. It also fit my face well and had a pleasant scent. I liked this but not enough to track more down. 
Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Pore-Tightening Mask. I got this from the Peach and Lily Seoulcialite 2.0 box. This is a black mask and had a lot of essence on it. The essence was surprisingly more of cream consistency instead of a gel that most sheet masks are. It had a nice light fragrance. My pores were definitely smaller after I used it and still appeared small the morning after I used it my face was smooth and soft after use and still is nearly a day later. I really liked this one. 

That’s it for this week. I did also use a SU:M37 white award bubble-de tox mask but I’ve been using that a couple times a week so I won’t repeat it. What masks did you use this week?

Author: had4567

2 thoughts on “This Week in Masks – 8/2”

  1. I use masks daily but that Skylake one was my fave this week, such nice masks! I need to make a Skylake purchase because I love the shampoo that was sampled in I thibk 3b. So I need that and the masks! Did you get their conditioner?


  2. I love the shampoo too! I did get a mini conditioner to try out but my hair hated it. It left it really heavy and just icky feeling. I think it would be better for people with dry hair though!


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