Popsugar Must Have August Unboxing

Popsugar is one of my favorite boxes as they always have a mix of useful and fun items. I have cancelled this box several times but I always resubscribe!  Even if I don’t love everything in these boxes I can easily give away or sell what I don’t want as its usually good stuff!   Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card

American Colors Mediterranean Plaid Scarf. Value $79.  First off I think this value is outrageous. It’s a nice scarf but not worth $79. Anyhow this scarf is made with 100% cotton gauze and is quite soft. It is doubled sided which is nice as it has the pattern on both sides. I like scarves but this plaid print is just not my style. I’m planning to sell this. 

Royal Apothic Tea Balm Firming Eye Treatment. Value $36. This is an eye firming eye cream to help smooth fine lines and reduce black circles. I’ve received the a Royal Apothic line face mask in Birchbox but I sold it and never tried it. I think I will try this eye treatment out as I am nearing the end of one of my eye creams. It’s designed to be an overnight refresher so I’ll use it at night. 

Pastel Best Day Ever Mug. Value $12. I actually needed a new coffee mug so I’m really happy to see this in here!  It’s also dishwasher safe which is great!  I think the saying is fun too!

Happy Jackson Yay Lunch! Lunch Box. Value $10. This is an adorable little lunch box. I do take my lunch several days a week to work so this will be perfect when I take a sandwich or a snack. 

Southern Culture Shortstacks Pancake & Waffle Mix. Value $7.99. This birthday cake pancake and waffle mix sounds very sweet. I don’t really cook much so I gave this to my mom to make.  I better get some pancakes though!  🙂

Meri Meri Toot Sweet Pink Stripe Napkins. Value $5.95. So party napkins…yay. Yeah I don’t really have a good use for these but I suppose I can use them for just regular napkins. At least these have a function!

MyYogaWorks 3 Month Trial. Value $45. This is a unique code for a 3 month trial to My YogaWorks which has over 700 online classes. I used to do Yoga but stopped several years ago so maybe this will motivate me to start again!  

Folgers Iced Cafe Caramel Macchiato Flavored Coffee Drink Concentrate.  This is a special extra sponsored item so I won’t value it. Just a few drops of this in milk and you have iced coffee. I’m a bit skeptical about how this will taste but I’m totally gonna try it. 

I calculate a value of $195.94 which is a bit high as I think that scarf is overpriced. It’s still a lot more than the $43 I paid for this box. I really like most of the items in here!  September is Popsugars Anniversary box so it should be good. Can’t wait to see what’s in it!

Author: had4567


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