Golden Tote August Tote & Warehouse Sale Unboxing

In July Golden Tote had a warehouse sale where everything was 40% off in the boutique. They also has some special surprise grab bags.  I had to stay up pretty late but I was on vacation so I got to grab some great items. Since my purchase was shortly before I placed my August large tote and shoe order, they combined my orders and I got a gigantic box full of clothes. Woo hoo!!!  

If you are not familiar with Golden Tote click here for my previous post which explains it. You also now get free shipping with a $149 order.  This month my tote also came UPS which means it took nearly a week to get to me.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look – my tote was styled by DL. 

Warehouse Sale

Oat & Fawn Fun & Fresh Tank in Black Elephant.  $36. I have this top in the floral print and I really like it. I decided to pick up this print too since I think the elephants are cute but also tasteful enough I can wear this to work. 

Just Black Boyfriend Shorts in light wash. $27. I have these in the medium wash too and I love them so was happy to pick up the lighter ones too. 

Sis Sis Versatile V-neck in Navy. $21. This is a great basic tee. 

Sunglasses- these were a special gift for ordering a certain amount from the warehouse sale. I love them!

Surprise Grab Bag. $45. This bag was completely random other than the size and number of items (3). 

Lumiere top. This top is super soft and comfortable. The top buttons don’t stay buttoned very well but I have some fashion tape that should remedy that. 

Promesa Pleated Maxi Skirt. I’ve received Promesa skirts before and I really like them. This skirt will be perfect for work!

Ellison Green & Brown Plaid Shirt. I don’t like the color or style of this one. I will sell or trade it. 

August Large Tote 

Esley Charcoal Blazer. I desperately wanted this blazer and it was a hot item on tote day. I was able to snag it but sadly it runs a bit tight. It worked ok everywhere but the arms and I tried to wear it one day and it was just too tight so I took it off after about 15 minutes at home. I put it up for sale on the Golden Tote trading Facebook page and it went in about a second. Lol. 

Just Black Grey Skinnies. This was my other chosen item and I really wanted them. I’ve wanted a good pair of grey jeans for a long time. Unfortunately like most people I’ve found these run a size too small. :(. These look ok in the pic but I’m sucking in my stomach!!  Luckily I was able to find a pair of 28s to buy and found someone to buy my 27s for the same price. The 28s fit perfectly so it all worked out!

Naked Zebra Keyhole Tank.  Sorry for the awkward picture!  I love the berry color of this and it’s great for layering. I already wore this!

Mak B Ivory Cardigan. This cardigan is my favorite item in my tote. I like the details on it and it’s warm but not too heavy. I’ve already worn this too!

Fun 2 Fun Multicolor Tank. Not my style at all. I don’t even know how they could get this from my style profile.  I was luckily able to trade this for a shirt I should like better. 

Teenplo Strappy Racerback Maxi Dress. This is dress is really cute and I love the style. I just wasn’t sure I’d wear it much so I ended up selling it to someone that inquired about it. 

Qupid Contrast Pumps.  $30.   Golden Tote recently started selling shoes and some of them are really cute. I decided to pick up these contrast pumps with my order. These are made of nubuck and look cute with jeans, pants or skirts. I think these are decently comfortable and ok quality. For the low price point I think these are nice. 

While my August tote was just so so I’m happy with the items I’m keeping. I’m now going on a bit of a break from clothing boxes until November (gotta save up for Black Friday sales!!) so I hope Golden Tote doesn’t have too much cute stuff the next couple of months. Haha.  

Author: had4567

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