Kloverbox August 2015 Unboxing

Kloverbox is one of my very favorite subscription boxes. Every month is consistently good with useful and fun items to use.  It’s not just a beauty box, or a nutrition box or a lifestyle box it’s a little bit of all of that.  The boxes have been shipping super late in the month recently but the good news is the owner has announced she has hired some staff to help out. I totally get that they grew so big it’s hard for her to manage and I’m thrilled to hear she’s getting some help! Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card – love the theme this month!

Angel Face Botanicals Super Detox Facial Cleanser. Value $13. This is a great detoxing cleanser which contains charcoal and argan oil. Charcoal is a great ingredient that really cleans out the skin and helps clean out your pores. I was thrilled when I saw this in here as I received Angel Face Botanicals products from Kloverbox before. The Kissed cleanser I got from them is one my favorites and is a great low PH foaming cleanser. In fact, I order some more from them and everything was fantastic!  Really you should check them out. Unfortunately for me, this cleanser contains olive oil which I have a skin allergy to so I well sell or give this away. 😦

Jacq’s Organics Fancy Detox Cleansing Bar. Value $6.   This is a bar soap for your body that contains clove, orange, patchouli and vanilla scents. It’s also contains Haitian castor oil, charcoal, coconut oil, and olive oil. Uh oh another thing with olive oil. It’s really my face that reacts poorly to olive oil but I will not take any chances of getting this on my face in the shower. Plus I really dislike bar soap!  🙂

Bedrock and Bloom Smart Ash. Value $3. Ok I will be completely honest about this product, I’ve seen it and thought it was gimmicky.  A black powder is gonna whiten and clean my teeth?  No way!  So when I tried this I was very skeptical but the results definitely surprised me. My teeth do have some staining since I’m a coffee drinker and I can’t stand those whitening strips on my gums. This is a very fine black powder that you dip your toothbrush in. It’s super messy but the results were amazing. My teeth were clean and noticeably whiter after the first use!  I can’t wait to keep using this and I’m gonna have to buy a full size. I think this will be something I use just a couple of times of week instead of daily so hopefully it will last a while!

Mychelle Dermaceuticals Wrinkle Spot Treatment. Value $38.50. This brand is new to me and luckily this does my contain olive oil!  I don’t have many wrinkles yet thank goodness but I also don’t want to get them for as long as possible. I like that this has a roller ball applicator too and I think I’ll try this by my eye area!

Traditional Medicinals Organic Tea Supplement Samples. I do like tea but I’m not so sure about drinking dandelion tea! It’s good for the liver so I’ll give it a try though. 

I calculate a value of $60.50 for this box and I paid $23.50. I of course am disappointed that I can’t use two items due to allergies but I don’t blame Kloverbox for that. I really would like to see a bit more lifestyle items in here since the last few boxes have been skincare heavy. I still find this box really interesting and relevant to me and can’t wait to get it every month. 

Author: had4567


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