Mask Genie Birthday Surprise Pouch Unboxing

Mask Genie  is a company based in Hong Kong that sends masks from all over Asia. I’ve been a subscriber to the monthly pouch since the beginning and when she released a special surprise pouch for $18 in celebration of her daughter’s birthday I decided to purchase it. I’m glad I got this as my and some other subscribers August pouches went missing and I’m not sure I’m gonna get it. :(. Genie has a 45 day after shipment refund or new pouch policy so I am not worried about getting a refund but sad I may not get my pouch. Anyhow on to the unboxing. Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Dewytree Squalane Resilience Mask. Korea. I received this mask in my July pouch (I knew there may be repeats in here). I haven’t used it yet since Squalane is an oil that I think will work better for my skin in the winter. I’ll save it for a few months. 

Coni Beauty Orchid Whitening & Anti Wrinkle Mask. Taiwan. I also received this mask in my May pouch. I used this mask before and it smells very flowery!  I thought it worked pretty good too so I’m glad to have another.  And I love the packaging!

Red Skin Salmon Brightening Essential Mask. Korea. This mask looks really interesting as salmon has been a popular ingredient in K-beauty lately. I’m scared it may be fishy smelling!  I guess I will find out when I try it. 

Sasatinnie Jelly Fish Lifting Face Mask. Korea. Ooo this looks really interesting as it contains jellyfish collagen. I’ve never used that product before and I’m curious to see what effect it has on my skin. 

Lovemore Black Pearls True White Mask. Taiwan. Oh yes Lovemore silk mask get on my face!  I love these silk masks that Lovemore makes as they fit the face so well!  This pearl mask targets skin brightening and I’m sure I will use it soon. 

SNP Animal Otter Aqua Mask. Korea. This is one of the ever popular animal face mask with an otter face. I admit that these animal face masks really creep me out!  Maybe I will use this one if I don’t look at myself in the mirror!

Beyond the Real Multivitamin Brightening Green Tree Complex. Korea. I haven’t heard of this brand before but it has a lot of fruity essences in it. It also targets brightening skin. 

Foodaholic Green Tea. Korea. I’ve used Foodaholic masks before though not this one in particular. I think they are decent cheaper sheet masks. I also like to use green tea in my skincare products so happy to have this. 

Sexy Look Platinum Mask. Taiwan.  I’ve gotten this brand from Mask Genie before and they are quite nice. This one has platinum and rose in it along with some other ingredients.  I know it doesn’t matter but I love the shiny packaging too!

Primera Peeling Facial Mild Broccoli Sprout. Korea. Yay I love the Primera brand and I’m excited to try out this peeling mask. 

I also got these cute little earrings as an extra!

As always I’m thrilled with my pouch and it’s a great deal at only $18!

Author: had4567

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