Julep September 2015 Unboxing

When I saw the colors for the Julep  September box I knew I had to get a box this month.!  I also knew I would get a free extra polish so of course I wanted that! The theme is inspired by the London Fall runways. Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Julep Signature Cream. This was the free gift that all subscribers got if they signed up for it. Is a gorgeous purple so I couldn’t resist. I also like how the top is silver instead of the normal black as that makes it stand out!

Delores – Iris Linear Liquid Holographic. I can’t wait to try this one out!

Zoey – Sea Spray Creme. I actually have several similar colors to this so I’m not sure if I’m gonna keep it. I like this light blue color though. 

Aubrey – Rosewood Shimmer. This was the color I wanted the most!  It’s such a pretty color and not like anything I have in my collection!  I already used it. 
My mani with Aubrey and some Jamberry wraps. 

This was a great box!  Can’t wait to see what fall colors are in the October box. 

Author: had4567


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