This Week in Masks – 9/13

Here are the masks I used this week!

Leaders Coconut Gel Mask with Blueberry. I bought the Leaders mask set from Memebox so I have a bunch of Leaders mask to use!  I love these coconut gel masks as they stick really well to my face!  The gel is in the mask so the essence isn’t as evident as cotton masks so that makes it less slippery. Sadly this didn’t smell like blueberry but it didn’t smell bad.  I’m not sure I saw a real benefit of the blueberry over other Leader’s masks I’ve tried but I liked it. 

Altchek Dermatologist MD DePuff Eye Pads. I got these in an Ipsy bag. These are pretty standard gel eye pads. They work Ok but I prefer a little thicker pad for my eye gels. 

SNP Gold Collagen Ampoule Mask. I got this from Mask Genie. This mask had a lot of liquid on it and had a slight strange smell. It did work pretty well and left my face very soft. The fit was good too. I really liked this one. 
Innisfree Skin Solution Wrinkle Care. I typically really like the Innisfree Skin Solution masks but I wasn’t a fan of this one.  The essence was really thick and creamy. It also has an odd scent and it clogged my pores a bit. This just didn’t work for me. 

That’s it for this week. What masks did you use this week?!?!

Author: had4567

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