Fortune Cookie Soap Zombie Survival Kit Unboxing

Fortune Cookie Soap is one of my favorite bath and body online stores. I usually place separate orders and not their quarterly boxes as I’m sensitive about what scents I like. When they recently announced their zombie collection and a special Zombie Survival Kit for $19.99 I couldn’t resist. I love the Zombie theme and with Halloween coming up its perfect. Let’s see what I got!

First Look
Ah a bloody handprint on the box is a fun touch!

Product Card

Safe Zone Fortune Cookie Soap. The classic fortune cookie soap!  This soap has a berry and cream scent. Unfortunately it was a super hot day when I got this box and the fortune cookie got melty and since its black it got black stuff everywhere!

Blood Transfusion Body Wash. Eew this looks like real blood!  I’ve never used Fortune Cookie Soaps body wash but I’ll definitely try this. This is scented with the sweet smell of candy, berries and bubble gum!

Wound Repair Salve. This salve is good for wounds and cracked and dry skin. I like little salve tins like this to take to work as I get frequent paper cuts. I haven’t opened this yet so not sure what it smells like yet. We even got a bandaid to help with the zombie bites!  

Zombie Repellent Room Spray. This room spray is my favorite color purple!  It smells really good too very fruity and sweet. It contains the scents Apple, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla and oak. 

Weapon of Choice OCD Hand Sanitizer.   I already took this to work and have used it. It does come out red but doesn’t leave your hands red when rubbed in!  It has scents of white wine, peaches and citrus!

Airborn Steam Me Up Scotty. I love the shower steamers that Fortune Cookie Soap makes as they make your shower smell really good! I used this one already and it smelled like coffee!  Yum!  You should also checkout their cold buster ones as they are great when you have a cold, really open up your sinuses!

Rule #47 Whipped Cream. FCS has great body creams. I’m gonna save this for winter when my skin is extra dry. This has scents of green apple and caramel- yum!

Liquid Courage Perfume Oil. I’m not much of a perfume lover but I do like perfume oils if they aren’t too strong. I haven’t opened this yet but the description of he scent sounds great. It’s described as puffy clouds of cotton candy with sticky raspberries, pineapples, and wild watermelon, all wrapped in night blooming flowers. 

This was such a fun box!  I didn’t do a cost breakdown but I know it’s worth the $19.99 I paid. I don’t know if this box will protect me from the zombie invasion but I’ll smell good while they eat my brains!  Haha. 

Author: had4567

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