Fabfitfun Fall 2015 VIP Unboxing

I used to be a subscriber to Fabfitfun VIP boxes a while back but I decided to cancel it to try some other boxes. One thing I really like about this box is they always release some spoilers usually before the box sells out so you can buy it if you like the spoilers. This quarter I really liked the first two spoilers so I decided to subscribe.

If you are not familiar with Fabfitfun’s VIP boxes they are a quarterly box curated by the Fabfitfun team. They send beauty, wellness, fashion and fitness finds. All boxes are promised to have at least a $200 value. They cost $49.95 per box (cheaper for an annual subscription) and they often has promo codes for new subscribers. Let’s see what I got!
First Look

Product Card

Passport To Beauty Gold Radiance Luxury Facial Mask with Collagen and Rose Oil. Value $65. Yikes these masks are pricey and honestly they aren’t worth this much. These are gel masks that contain collagen, rose oil and gold. These are also made in China which I’m not happy about since Chinese standards aren’t great. However I’ll give these a try and see how I like them. I do like that there are 2 masks in this pack so I can try them twice. 

Fabfitfun x Tappan Collectible Umbrella. Value $32. This umbrella is an exclusive for this box and came in several colors. I kinda wish I received a different color but since I just got an umbrella in a recent Popsugar box I decided to give this to my mom. Sometimes I think that it’s better to be family and friends of sub box addicts as they get the items we don’t need or want and don’t have to pay for it!  🙂

Manna Kadar Cosmetics Lucky Lip Stain. Value $24. This product is a lip primer, gloss and stain in one. I really like the light pink color of this but I have a ton of lippies right now so I’m not sure if I’m gonna keep it. I might though as I really like the color!

Doctor D. Schwartz Flawless Skin Fluid. Value $39. I’m really interested in trying out this moisturizing especially since winter is approaching. It’s got some great ingredients like ginseng root extract, rosehip fruit extract and grape stem cell extract. It targets anti-aging but can be used by all skin types to brighten skin. 

HISY Battery Pack. Value $24.99. This was the main reason I bought this box as it was the first spoiler and I’ve been in the market for a battery pack like this for my iPhone. I like that it’s quite small so easy to carry in my purse. There were multiple colors of this too and I got the light green. 
Merrithew Strength Tubing Ankle & Total Body Tone with Tubing: Lower Body & Core DVD. Value $33. So here is an item for the fit part of the box!  I received an exercise ball and DVD from Fabfitfun but I sold it. I’ll probably sell this too as really the only exercise I like is running or walking. And I don’t really like that!

Tribe Alive Glass Crystal Bead Bracelet. Value $49. I think this is overpriced too but it’s very pretty.   I don’t wear a lot of bracelets but when I saw this in the spoilers for the box I knew it would be dainty enough for me to wear!  There were several colors available and I really like the white crystal one I got. Can’t wait to wear it. 

There was also a couple of gift card $15 to Jeweler’s Wife and $75 to Picture It On Canvas.  I think these are nice additions but I won’t include them in the calculated value. I calculate a value of $266.99 and I paid $39.99 since I had a coupon. This was a great well rounded box and a great value for what I paid. If you would like to subscribe click one of my links above for $10 off your first box!

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