Beauteque BB Bag September Unboxing

This month’s  Beauteque‘s BB bag came really late again- annoying!   I wish they would start shipping my mid month again!  My bag also suffered a little shipping mishap this month. 

Beauteque is an online beauty store that sells products from Asia (mostly Korea). I’ve been buying from them for over a year and we’ve had our ups and downs but mostly I’m quite happy with their service. The monthly BB bags have a mix of Asian skincare and makeup but they also occasionally throw in a western brand. I’ve been a subscriber since the first monthly bag in January.   Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card

Inner Kallia Special Care Modeling Pack. Value $6. There were multiple types of this available and I got arbutin.  Arbutin is a glycoside and is used for brightening skin. I do like modeling packs but I don’t use them much as they are messy!  I do like that this came with a bowl and spatula for mixing so I’ll definitely use this at some point. 

Modeling Pack Bowl with Stirrer. Value $5. 

The Saem Mint Jungle Foot Cream. Value $12. This is the product that I had the shipping mishap with. It busted open on the end and got foot cream everywhere!  Luckily I was able to clean everything up and salvage most of the foot cream. This smells really good (very minty) and softened up my feet!

Secret Key Secret Kiss Holic Pigment Glitter in Glistering Rose. Value $8. I don’t believe I’ve ever tried Secret Key makeup though I’m a big fan of their skincare. This is a glittery pigment that would be great for the holiday season. I actually have so much eye makeup that I think I may sell this one. 

Aritaum Aloe No Wash Cleansing Water. Value $22. There were two versions of cleansing water available this one of The Saem green tea cleansing water.  I do like to use cleansing water when I don’t do a full cleansing routine. I like aloe skincare products too. I will need to check the ingredients of this and make sure it doesn’t contain olive oil that I’m allergic too. 

Acqua Gems Herbal Soothing Cream. Value $18. This is a multitasking product that can be used as a face lotion, a soothing gel or even a hand cream. It’s a pretty small bottle for a hand cream though. This contains menthol, chamomile, witchhazel and licorice. I need to check the ingredients on this one too before use. 

I calculate a value of $71 for this bag and I paid $24 plus shipping. This is really not my favorite BB bag but it’s not bad. There is a nice mix of products but I think I would have liked one more product like maybe a sheet mask. 

Author: had4567

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