Beauteque October BB Bag Unboxing

This month’s Beauteque was extremely late again and that wasn’t the only problem. I admit I have been putting off this review as I have mixed feelings about this bag. I don’t hate it but I have several issues including the late shipping. I’ll talk about them below but for now let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card

So I typically don’t pay any attention to Beauteque’s description and theme of the bag (this is on the front of the product card not pictured). However this one was particularly floofy. The theme is “Life of Luxury” and description included the phrases “one of the most exquisite collections ever curated by Beauteque” and “products you will delight upon finding in this beautiful bag”. Uh huh. 
SNP Cactus 90% Soothing Gel. Beauteque value $18. Actual value $9.99. I actually am kinda excited to try out this soothing gel.  I have used aloe gel a lot and like to put some on my legs and feet at night time. I’m curious if the cactus gel will have the same affect.  The packaging is cute too!

Angelooka Ultra Moisturizing Hand Mask Pack. Beauteque value $6. Actual value $6. This hand mask is self heating so it should be great for winter. It does contain mineral oil which I know some people avoid but I’m ok with it.  It does have a lot of different oils in it so I am curious to see if it will be greasy. 

Secret Key Glam Romance Perfume Body Lotion. Beauteque value $20. Actual Value $8.50. There were multiple scents available and I got Glam No. 1. Honestly it doesn’t matter what scent I got as there are few things I hate more than perfume body lotion. :). This will be getting a new home!

Baviphat Urban Dollkiss Easy Looks Soft Lipstick. Beauteque Value $11. Actual Value $2.89. This is some pretty cheap looking lipstick. I got the color 01Original Red which isn’t bad but I don’t wear red lipstick.  I’ll probably give this away. 

Happy Bath Facial Yogurt Foam Cleanser. Beauteque Value $12. Actual Value $6.78. I’ve received this exact cleanser before from Memebox and never used it. I have a lot of cleansers open at the moment and honestly this one doesn’t interest me. I’ll probably sell it. 

Contour Brush. Beauteque Value $12.  Actual Value $12. This is a makeup brush from Beauteque’s house brand. Their brushes are fairly good quality. I’m not much for contouring but I’ll still use this brush. 
Here is the bag for this month. I think this lace was in for my prom many many years ago.  Lol
If I use Beauteque’s values this bag is worth $79. However these are grossly inflated and I calculate an actual value of $46. I only paid $27.95 so this is still a good deal. I just can’t fathom why Beauteque inflates the values like this.  Some sub boxes do this but it seems consistently done with Beauteque. I’m also annoyed that these bags keep being shipped so late in the month. It happens sometimes but this is getting to be a habit. 
Overall this isn’t a bad bag but I’m not excited about it.  I think it’s time that I take a break from Beauteque so I’ve cancelled my sub for now. 

Author: had4567

3 thoughts on “Beauteque October BB Bag Unboxing”

  1. yeah, I am not sure what was going on with the prices and the description of this bag. Seriously, nothing majorly wrong with the products but lux items they aren't!! I also loathe perfumed body lotions….. Next month looks so much better (unless I get stuck with a ROSE scented body wash – sigh…)


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