Mask Genie Oriental Pouch #2 Restock Unboxing

A while back Mask Genie had an Oriental beauty pouch and I missed it. When I saw unboxings I was sad as it was the first time I heard of the amazing silk Lovemore masks which it was full of.  When Genie restocked it I did not hesitate to snatch it up.  

Mask Genie is a company based in Hong Kong that sends masks from all over Asia.  I know of Genie from her blog Genie’s Favorite Products and respect that she will send quality masks that she would use herself.  They offer a 5 mask pouch for $12 and a 10 mask pouch for $22.  This price includes shipping and all fees.  I’ve been a subscriber since Mask Genie’s first pouch and if you are an Asian beauty mask fan I promise you if you subscribe you will never be disappointed!  Let’s see what I got!

First Look

All masks in this pouch are from the Tawainese company Lovemore.  These are also all the lovely silk masks which are seriously are like wrapping your face in luxury.  Love them!

Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask. I have used this mask several times and its absolutely one of my favorites. I love the loofah and aloe combo and they make my face feel amazing and soothed. Happy to have another. 

Herba Saussurea Involucrata (Snow Lotus) Revival Mask. I’ve used this mask before too and it’s especially lovely. The snow lotus is really nice and made my face feel great!  This is one mask that I really felt like my face was refreshed the next morning!

Rosa Hybrida Whitening Mask. I also have used this mask before, and while it’s not my favorite, it’s still a really nice mask. It does smell like roses which is nice!

Pearl Barley & Milk Smoothing Mask. This mask I have used before too and it worked great. The one thing I didn’t like about it is it has an odd smell but that won’t keep me from using it! 

Yurong Scattered Amazing White Mask. This is a mask that I do own but I haven’t tried yet. It has all kinds of lovely oriental medicine roots and ingredients and I can’t wait to try it. I’m sure it will be great as I haven’t found one of these masks that I don’t like!

Rhodiola Antioxidant & Brightening Mask. I used this mask this past weekend. You can see my review in my weekly mask post here.  I’m glad to have another!

Cubilose Extract Hydrating & Firming Mask. Oooh a bird’s nest mask. I’ve seen these but haven’t tried this one. I really like birds nest as it always makes my skin so soft!  I try not to think about the fact that it’s essentially the saliva of birds.  Yuck right?  But hey it works.  Can’t wait to try this out!

Mountain Tea Polyphenols Moisturizing Mask. This is another mask I have recently seen but haven’t tried yet so excited it’s in here!  I love products with tea in them as it has great antioxidant properties. This is called mountain tea but it contains camellia Sinensis leaf extract which is commonly known as green tea. Maybe they call that mountain tea in other parts of the world?

Wine Yeast Whitening Mask. I know I’ve used this before too and I don’t really remember much about it. I’ll totally use it though!

Black Pearl True White Mask. I got this from Mask Genie before and I loved it!  Pearl is one of my favorite whitening ingredients and of course I love the silk masks!

I paid $27.50 for this pouch so that works out to $2.75 for each mask.  That is really a decent price for the Lovemore silk masks and I’m so excited that I have added to my stash of them!

Author: had4567

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