Mask Genie November Pouch Unboxing

My November Mask Genie pouch came pretty early in the month. Sadly Genie did not do an unboxing video yet this month so I had to track down some of this info myself!

Mask Genie is a company based in Hong Kong that sends masks from all over Asia.  I know of Genie from her blog Genie’s Favorite Products and respect that she will send quality masks that she would use herself.  They offer a 5 mask pouch for $12 and a 10 mask pouch for $22.  This price includes shipping and all fees.  I’ve been a subscriber since Mask Genie’s first pouch and if you are an Asian beauty mask fan I promise you if you subscribe you will never be disappointed!  Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Kuan Yaun Lian Pearl Barley Mask. Taiwan. I believe we have received a mask from this brand before from Mask Genie. This one has a lot of great ingredients including mung beans, witch hazel and Job’s tears. 

Pure Mind Pure Honey Essence Mask. Korea. This is a new brand to me that is made in Korea. This mask does contain alcohol if you avoid that (I don’t). It also contains royal jelly which I really like. 

Too Cool for Schhol Apple Zone Butterfly Mask. Korea. I’ve been seeing these apple zone masks a lot lately and I really don’t see the point. The apple zone is right under the eye and down the cheek and I don’t have a particular issue with that zone. If I’m gonna use a sheet mask I’d rather just use a full face mask. That being said, these are trendy right now and I’ll use it!

Fasey Whitening Mask. Korea.   This one was kinda hard to research but it does have some good ingredients. It’s contains lots of natural ingredients like green tea, lime, kelp, mushroom and tomato. Some of the ingredients like tomato I’d expect in a whitening mask but some are not as common. Curious to see how this one performs. 

Derma Red Gingseng Stemcells Whitening & Peptide Lifting Mask. Taiwan. This mask has a confusing ingredients list in that it doesn’t contain gingseng which I’m pretty sure is in the mask since its in the name of the mask.  It’s also a pretty short list so I’m thinking its not the full list. I like gingseng in products so I hope this mask really does have some in it! 

I-MIXX Milk Vitamin E Mask. Korea. Another brand I haven’t heard of. I don’t mind masks with milk in them but they typically smell like baby powder which I hate. Hopefully this one isn’t smelly.  

Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask. Whitening. Korea.  I recently used one of these masks that I received in previous Mask Genie pouch. I quite liked the one I used so happy to have another. I think the one I used before was a moisturizing one so curious to try out the whitening one. 

TonyMoly I’m Real Lemon Brightening Facial Mask. I’ve had this mask before and I thought it was pretty good. I decided to put this one in a giveaway!

Shara Shara Black Charcoal Mask. Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle. Korea.   Now I have used a different flavor of the Shara Shara black charcoal mask before and I had a big breakout the day after. Because of this I’m a little hesitant to use this but I’m curious to see if it happens again so I think I’ll try it at some point!

NRK Snail Essence Intense Hydra Repair Mask. Taiwan. I have never heard of this brand but I’m always all about snail so I’ll totally use it. Also isn’t this the cutest packaging?  I love the snail. 

Another great pouch from Mask Genie!  Genie also has a few special pouches of the holidays out that I’ve been eyeing!  I really don’t need anymore masks though so I’m trying to resist!

Author: had4567

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