Pet treater Unboxing and Coupon Code!

Disclosure – this box was provided free for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. 

Recently I was contacted by a new pet subscription box called Pet Treater to see if I wanted to review one of their boxes. I’d never heard of the company so I asked my mini dachshund Lucy what she thought and of course she said lets do it!
Pet Treater is a monthly subscription box that provides toys, treats, gadgets and other pet supplies. Each box is customized by dog size. Subscriptions cost between $24.99 and $19.99 depending on the length of your subscription. You can suspend or cancel your subscription online at any time. Since my dog is considered a member of the family (and the most important one at that! :)) it’s essential that she have quality toys and treats and Pet Treater is committed to providing that. Another great thing is for every box shipped a toy, bag or treats, blanket etc is donated to a shelter in need!  Let’s see what we got!
First Look – this was huge box. 

Welcome Letter – I do wish there was a product card that told about what is included in the box. 

Pet Head Canine Footbath by Paw Clean. Value $8.99. Ah I’ve seen foot baths like this before and they are great for when your dog gets muddy paws. Lucy is actually a little princess and hates getting muddy so this will be great for when she does get dirty feet.  

Swiss Tech Dog Leash Light. Value $10.13.  I actually don’t walk Lucy at night as she goes on potty pads and we have a fence. However I can totally see how this would be handy to have when taking your dog for a walk, especially since it gets dark so early now!  We will give this away to someone who can use it!

Nylabone Romp ‘n Chomp Treat Toy and 2 Refills. Value $22.97. This is a toy I would have loved for Lucy when she was a puppy as it would keep her busy for hours. Unfortunately she is now way too smart for these toys and the treats are extracted very quickly!  Still this looks like a fun toy, especially as Lucy is still a chewer. The only downside is from a look online it looks like refills for this toy are hard to find. Luckily we got two refills!

Full Moon Kitchen Crafted Natural Dog Treats.  Chicken Bacon. Value $6.75. Bacon is one of Lucy’s favorite foods so I’m sure this chicken bacon will be a huge hit. I love that it contains human grade ingredients because I don’t like to give Lucy anything I couldn’t eat. Actually she eats better than I do most days. 🙂

Marvel Comics Captain America Fpat Crinkle Toy. Value $12.99. This is a nicely made toy. I like the flat crinkle toys like this as Lucy loves to pull stuffing out of toys and make a huge mess. Lucy loves this.  

Nuop Design Adhesive Branch Magnet Board. Value $3.49. I didn’t find this exact magnet online but comparable sets are this value.  This is an item included for the human in the pets life. I think that is a nice touch. 

Right now Pet Treater is also doing a promotion where you can get a free dog bed with your first box. Use code MLSBB-BED at checkout to get your FREE pet bed!  Here is the bed Lucy got, it’s really nice!

I calculate a value of $65.32 for this box (not including the pet bed). That’s a great value and this has a great mix of products with 2 toys, treats, 2 other pet items and something for me!  That said, there are a couple of things I would like to see in future boxes.  I think it would be great to provide a product card or letter with some info on the products included and reasoning for including them. Also I’d like to see some more unique products that aren’t necessarily available at big box stores. Overall I think this is a great new addition to the pet sub box field!
Lucy approves too!

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