This Week in Masks – 12/13

Here are the masks I used this week. 

Sun Clamue Marine Collagen Hydrogel Mask. I got this freebie from Mishibox from a Korean brand Sun Clamue that I don’t think I’ve never heard of?  The mask itself is a hydrogel and the other side was fuzzy. This is a two piece mask which is always nice as it fits my face better.  The mask was extremely sticky, like it was hard to adjust after I placed it sticky.  There was no noticeable essence (the essence is in the gel so that is not necessarily unusual).    I didn’t really notice any real difference in my skin after the use of this mask but it didn’t irritate my skin either. 

Goodal Prunella Pore Care Mask. I don’t remember where I got this mask but I really like Goodal masks. They smell really flowery but not too overpowering. My face felt nice after using this, very moisturized.  I also felt like my face felt clearer after use and my pores felt and looked a bit tighter. 
Sexy Look Platinum Mask. I got this from Mask Genie. This mask was unique as it extends to also cover your neck.  There are ear loops to help keep it in place but I found that pulled it a bit tight for me. I liked this mask as it had lots of essence and left my face and neck feeling really moisturized!

MasKingdom Chinese Medi White Tea and Gingseng Mask. Ok I know this shouldn’t matter but look how gorgeous this packaging is – love it!  Anyhow I got this mask from Beautibi. I have been eyeing the Taiwainese brand MasKingdom for a while as the masks looked fantastic. I finally pulled the trigger when Beautibi had a sale. MasKingdom masks are made of 100% silk but are a bit thicker than the silk masks Lovemore has.  This mask smelled really funky as some Chinese medicine masks smell, very herby.  This mask contains gingseng and white tea to help damaged skin recover. My skin was irritated toward the end of the week and this mask helped it tremendously. My skin felt great after using it and I loved the fit and feel of this mask.  Can’t wait to try some more of this brand. 

That’s it for this week. What masks did you use this week?!?!

Author: had4567

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