Walmart Beauty Box Winter Unboxing

The Walmart Beauty boxes send out samples of products they sell in the stores. I have been signed up for about a year and they are only $5 per box. The boxes are sent out quarterly. I generally don’t love what I get in these but for some reason I can’t stop subscribing. I think it’s just such a good deal I feel like even if I give it all away or sell it in an auction its still worth it.  I saw some spoilers for this box and I was worried about what I was gonna get.  Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Pure Silk Raspberry Mist Shave Cream. 2.25oz. Value $1.96. This is a pretty good sized can and would be nice for travel.  I’m not sure I’ll use it for travel but I do use shave cream for my legs so am happy to see this in here. 

NSPA by Nirvana Spa Coconut Rich Body Butter. 1.7 floz. Value $1.38.   I usually use the body butters I get in sub boxes as hand cream because I love the Tatcha Indigo body butter for my body.  I can always use hand cream especially in the winter so happy to have this. 

Pantene Extra Strong Hold Hairspray. 1oz. Value $1.05. I don’t use hairspray so I’ll give this away. 

Goody Soft Touch Silicone Elastics. Value $1. These are nice hair bands but I have a ton of them right now so I gave these to my Mom. She was happy to have them. 

Neutrogena Healthy & Skin Boosters Facial Cleanser. .5floz. Value $.42. Eh I’m not overwhelmingly excited about this but I’ll use it. 

Dial 7 Day Omega Moisture Moisturizing Lotion. .5floz. Value $.10. I also gave this lotion to my Mom as she wanted a lotion for her purse. This is perfect sized. 

Centrum Vitamints. Value $.23. I gave these to my Dad as he takes Centrum vitamins. I like gummy vitamins. 🙂

Ken Paves Volumizing Shampoo & conditioner.  .25floz each. Value $.38. My hair has a lot of natural volume so I definitely don’t need volumizing shampoo. I’ll give this away. 

Samples. We also got several other samples. 

I calculate a value of $6.52 for this box and I paid $5. I’m pretty happy with this box and me and my family will use most items in it. One thing to note, I did decrease my age for this box as it seems
like the box for the over 30 crowd is not as nice. 

Author: had4567

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