Barkbox December Unboxing

The December Barkbox has a holiday theme. It also has 6 items in it so it feels like an extra special box. 

If you aren’t familiar with Barkbox it is a monthly box of toys, treats, chews and other fun products for dogs. The boxes range in price of $29 to $19 depending on the length of the sub. If you subscribe monthly the box may only be worth a little more than you pay so the longer subs are definitely the better deal. You can select your dogs size and I get the small and cute box for my girl Lucy.  I have been a subscriber for quite a while and I love the healthy treats and fun and unique toys we get!  Let’s see what we got!

First Look

Bark & Co Original Egg-cellent Toy. Value $10. Lucy picked this toy out to play with from her box but refused to let me take a picture of her with it!  This present was really a big cube covered with fabric. The whole cube squeaked and Lucy had a blast with it. I did have to take it away when she destroyed it but she still had fun. 

Aussie Naturals Flannel Shirt. Value $9. This toy is very cute and it feels like it’s made with real flannel. Lucy wanted this one too but I made her put it up for another day. She doesn’t need two new toys on the same day!

Le Petit Treat Gingerbread Cookies. Value $6. Yum bacon gingerbread cookies actually sound kinda good. Not that I’m gonna eat them!  Lucy is actually getting alot of treats in her section of the pantry as she is on a little bit of a diet so doesn’t get too many.  Next time maybe I’ll let her pick which ones she wants!

Barkworthies Lamb Ear. Value $4. Lucy actually doesn’t eat things like this as she has a bit of a sensitive stomach.  We will give this away to a doggy friend. 

Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky Treats. Value $7. Blech salmon treats. I know Lucy would love these but I can’t stand the smell. We’ll give this away too. 

Bark & Co Treat Tin. Value $4. This little treat tin is super cute. I already have several treat containers for Lucy and honestly I don’t use them so we’ll give this away. 

I calculate a value of $40 for this box using Barkbox values and I paid $24. As always Lucy and I are very happy with the box!

Author: had4567

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