FabFitFun Winter Unboxing

This is my second month back since I took a break from Fabfitfun VIP boxes a while back.  I was quite happy with last quarter’s box so I decided to keep my subscription. 

If you are not familiar with Fabfitfun’s VIP boxes they are a quarterly box curated by the Fabfitfun team. They send beauty, wellness, fashion and fitness finds. All boxes are promised to have at least a $200 value. They cost $49.95 per box (cheaper for an annual subscription) and they often has promo codes for new subscribers. Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Product Card

Juara Candlenut Body Creme. Value $35.  This is a nice large tub of body creme. I’m not sure I’ve ever used candlenut oil before or if I have I’ve forgotten. It’s a popular ingredient in Indonesia. This also contains avocado oil, rice bran oil and illipe butter.  

Fabfitfun Wine Stopper & Charm Set. Value $15. This is my second wine stopper in December boxes!  They must know I drink a lot of wine. 🙂  I already used this and it worked great. I’m not sure I’ll use the charms much but they are cute. 

Dermatologica Travel Set. Value $45.  I used Dermatologica products years ago and they are quite nice. This set includes travel sizes of the special cleansing gel, multi-active toner and skin smoothing cream. Since I’ve got most of these steps covered in my current skincare routine I will probably sell this set. 

Whitney eve x Fabfitfun Fingerless Gloves. Value $26. These gloves came in black and grey and I would have been fine with either color. It’s too cold in KS to wear gloves without fingers outside but I think I’ll take these to work. Sometimes my office gets so cold in the winter that these will be perfect as I can still use the keyboard and mouse!

EJH Brand Diffuser. Value $37. These reed diffusers are fairly popular in sub boxes and a lot of people like them. There were four versions available pomegranate which I got, cinnamon, sugar cookie or lavender. This does smell good but I’m not much of a fan of smelly things like candles are diffusers so I’ll probably sell this. 

Zoya Nail Polish. Value $9. I like Zoya polish as it has good coverage and staying power.  This is a nice festive color. 

Frends The Donna Earbud. Value $80. I would never pay this much for earbuds but I will use them. The little bag they came with got covered in the paper packing and since it’s a velvet material it’s hard to get off!

Shoptiques $25 Gift Card. I’ve never shopped at Shoptiques but it’s a site where boutiques can list their items for saw. I took a look at the site and you definitely could get a small accessory like a scarf for the $25 amount that we got. 

We also got a $40 gift card to the jewelry site Sweet & Spark but I didn’t take a picture. I calculate a value of $247 for this box without the gift card value. I paid $49.95 for the box and I think it was a great value.  I will use most of the items in here and I really like it.  

Author: had4567


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