Paper Pumpkin December Unboxing and Review

I had so much fun doing my last Paper Pumpkin that I did the December one while I had some time off for the holidays. This month’s craft is a calendar! 

If you aren’t familiar with Paper Pumpkin it is a monthly surprise kit with a paper project. It comes with everything you need to complete the project except for some basics like scissor, ruler and perhaps adhesive. It costs $19.95 (includes shipping) plus tax for the kits. It is a monthly subscription but you can skip a month or cancel at any time right through the website – major plus for me!  Also as a subscriber you can purchase refills or select prior kits. 
First Look

Since last time I invested in some adhesive as the glue dots just weren’t doing it!  I got a snail and tear and tape from Stampin’ Up!  Much better. 

There are 4 different backgrounds to make. As always we get great instructions and there is a YouTube video which is quite helpful. 

Sky Background. These are actually all pretty similar and easy to put together. My worst part was working with the string and thread.  😦

It looked a lot nicer on the PP video. 

Floral Background

Polka Dot Background

Striped Background

All done!

Of course Lucy “helped” 🙂

What a fun project this was. I love that it wasn’t too hard and time consuming  and really useful as I needed a calendar!

Author: had4567

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