Julep January Unboxing

I loved the colors in the January Julep  box so much I just had to get all the colors. Listen I am aware that I have more nail polish than I can possibly use so I’ve promised myself I will skip my next few months!  🙂 Let’s see what I got!

First Look

Joss – ripe fig duochrome. I’m a sucker for all things purple. I also love duochromes. 

Shay – celadon iridescent chrome. This will be a good toenail polish color. 

Johnny – true black crème I have a lot of black polish but not a crème so this is great. 

Laree – golden pink taffeta shimmer. This one reads more orange in the bottle so I will need to swatch this. 

Tali – Glacier breeze linear liquid holographic. Pretty. 

Marika – stone matte metallic. I’ll be honest, I haven’t been impressed with the staying power of the Julep matte metallics. This is a nice color though. 

Mariah –  Plum eclipse microshimmer. I used this already and it’s gorgeous. 

Celeste- Cosmic gray iridescent glitter

Janie – whisper pink sheer créme

Nail embellishments. I added these on as I’ve been into embellishments lately. 

Great colors this month and some different ones to add to my collection. But seriously I need to take a break from buying polishes for a while. Haha

Author: had4567


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