30 Days of Candy Unboxing

30 Days of Candy is a subscription I’ve been eyeing for a while. I resisted for quite a while because that’s a lot of candy for me to eat by myself. Luckily they recently started offering a 15 days of candy box and I signed right up!

If you aren’t familiar with 30 Days of Candy  it is a monthly sub box of 15 or 30  individually curated bags of candy. Each bag is around 100 calories so it’s nicely portion controlled. You can also buy a one time gift box if you wish. The boxes are themed but you always start a new subscription with Box 1 which is Around the World in 30 (or 15) Sweets. The 15 day option is $19.95 and the 30 day option is $29.95 plus $5.95 shipping for either option. Let’s see what I got!
First Look
Roshen Confections (Ukraine) jelly candy. I tried one of these candy and it was interesting. It’s a gumny exterior but with a jelly center that bursts in your mouth. I didn’t hate it but not sure if it’s a fav. 
Mishka Kosolapy (Russia). I can’t for the life of me read the name of this company but the candy name means clumsy bear. These are a milk chocolate  almond praline wafer. I tried one of these and it definitely has a stronger cocoa taste. I thought it was delicious!

Perfetti van Melle Avocaat (Netherlands). This candy is a taffy-like candy tasting like eggnog toffee.  I did indeed taste like eggnog which I’m not a huge fan of. Not bad and probably really good if you like eggnog. 
Mondelēz International Daim (Sweden). I ate these already and they were delicious. They are an almond butter toffee bar covered in milk chocolate. These tasted a lot like Heath bars which are one of my favorite candies. 

Fazer Marianne Mints (Finland). These mints come in 2 flavors: peppermint with  creamy caramel center (blue) and peppermint with creamy chocolate center (red). Sounds interesting. 
Milka bar (Switzerland). These are milk chocolate bars. I think the little cow on the package is pretty cute. 
Hi-Chew (Taiwan) I actually already ate all of these and I liked all of them except for the mango flavor. They are similar to Starburst but chewier and have a strong fruit flavor.  
Kopiko (Thailand) OK these may be the best candy I’ve ever eaten.  These contain coffee, chocolate, caramel, cream and rice. 4 or 5 pieces is equivalent to the caffeine in a cup of coffee.  They are strong so I have eaten only about one a day since I got this box.  But they are delicious. 

Milkita Milkshake Candy (Indonesia). I tried a chocolate flavored one of these candies and it was interesting. I wouldn’t say it tasted like chocolate milk exactly but did have a similar flavoring. 
The abc Candy Company White Rabbit (China). These candies have a unique inner wrapper made of rice that is edible. I will admit that I tried one of these and was not a big fan. They tasted kinda weird to me. 

Arcor (Argentina). I tried one of these and they were pretty good taffies. Harder than the taffies I’m used to but had a nice flavor. 
Columbina Fussione Caramel (Columbia). These candies are unique in that they are hard caramels filled with chocolate. I love caramels but I’m usually used to chocolate filled with caramel not the other way around. These are quite good though. 

Licorice Caramels (Norway).  These are described as a strong licorice flavor but a caramel at the same time. I do not like black licorice so I gave these to my mom since she does. 
Sixlets (Canada). This is a candy I’ve very familiar with since these are quite popular on the US. I really like these little candy coated chocolate candies. 
Chupa Chups (Spain). These little suckers are kindof like dumdums. They are pretty good. 
The Jelly Bean Factory (Ireland). I don’t like jelly beans but my Dad loves them so I gave them to him. 

 I’m really impressed with this candy box. Although, the 30 day box is a better value I think the 15 day one is perfect for me so I plan to keep getting it!

Author: had4567


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