This Week in Masks – 1/31

This week I battled the stomach flu ugh!  On the bright side it really helped my masking as a nice cool sheet mask was just what I needed on my face!

L’Herboflore Sweety Strawberry Whitening Mask. I got this from Beautique. This really did smell like sweet strawberries so that was nice. Honestly for some reason I really don’t find the L’Herboflore masks that special. I greatly prefer the Lovemore or MasKingdom masks which are similar in that they are also made of silk.  Maybe I just haven’t tried the right kind yet. Anyhow, this mask did have a lot of essence on it and smelled good. Other than that it seemed like just an OK mask for me. 
Leaders Mediu Amino Pore Tight Mask.  I got this from Mask Genie.  I mostly used this mask because it contains tea tree and that’s one ingredient I love. This mask was really greasy when I took it off and my face stayed that way for hours. It eventually did soak in and my face was quite soft the next day. I didn’t like the greasiness so I wouldn’t repurchase this one.  

Leaders Insolution Dr Therapy Foot Mask. I got this from the Leaders US online store.  This is a moisturizing foot mask!  I like to use these as my feet get really dry especially in the winter.  This foot mask worked ok but I have used some I like better like Nature Republic and Missha Parafin masks.  
Sister Diary Cactus Loofah Mask. I got this mask from Mask Genie. Loofah has become one of my favorite ingredients in masks. I find it very soothing somewhat like aloe. I felt really bad the night I used this mask and the coolness really helped ease my headache and I relaxed for a bit. It helped my dehydrated face hydrate too!

MasKingdom Chinese Medi Lingzhi & Yam Moisturizing Mask. I felt so bad the morning I used this that I didn’t even notice what mask I grabbed. This mask felt really nice on my face and cooled my head but I might have used a less pricey one if I was thinking straight!  I’m sure it did help my face but I honestly can’t remember much about it. 

Patchology Illuminate Flash Mask. I got this Korean made mask from Popsugar. I was curious to use this as it claims to work in 5 minutes. I decided to use this as directed though I was skeptical it would really soak in my skin in only 5 minutes. This fit my face nicely and did have a lot of essence on it. I did not like the fragrant smell of this at all.  I also think it needs to stay on longer than 5 minutes!  I have two others of these and I will try to leave those on more like 10-15 minutes 

That’s it for this week. What masks did you use this week?!?!

Author: had4567

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