Mask Genie January Unboxing

Oops I meant to post this on Monday and somehow I never published. :). Anyhow here’s my January Mask Genie post. It’s been exactly one year since  Mask Genie started and I’m still really happy with it. I was sick this week with the stomach flu so it was nice to see a fun package in the mail. 

If you are not familiar with Mask Genie it is a company based in Hong Kong that sends masks from all over Asia.  In it you will get some masks from some popular brands you may recognize and also some unique brands which are fun to try.  In some cases I’ve found some favorite brands through this pouch. Genie recently announced there will be some changes starting in 2016 for her pouches. First, there will now only be one pouch which contains 8-10 masks,  instead of the 5 and 10 mask pouches she previously did. Also the price increases slightly to $23.99. Genie said that this is so she can sometimes include masks at a higher price point then she could if she had to include 10 masks every time.  That is fine with me as my main draw to this pouch is the curation. I’m still confident it will be well worth the price. Let’s see what I got this time!

First Look

Dreamskin Blackhead Heating Clay Mask.  Korea.  So this little guy almost bit the dust when he fell out of the pouch and my doggy Lucy snatched it. I rescued it and it ok except for a couple teeth marks!  This is a sample size of a self heating clay mask. There is just a small sample in here so it’s really just meant as a spot treatment in places you have blackheads like your nose!

b-liv Absolute Matte Mask Charcoal Clarifying. Taiwan. This mask packaging looks like a When mask to me. I have never heard of this brand but I’m curious to try it. Charcoal masks are refreshing and good for oily skin so this may be better for me in the summer. 

Sexylook Superior Moisturizing Black Facial & Neck Mask. Taiwan.  I’ve received Sexylook masks from Mask Genie before and they are quite nice. I like that this is a face and neck mask so it’s multi functional.  This mask contains snail and oil so it should be very moisturizing. 

Dr Morita Egg Shell Membrane & Sake Yeast Essence Moisturizing Facial Mask. Korea. I’ve received lots of Dr. Morita masks from Mask Genie but none with egg shell. This one is really unique and I’ll definitely give this a try soon.  

Mask House Snail Moisturizing Element Mask. Korea.   This is a new to me brand too. I’ve never met a snail mask I didn’t like so happy to have this. 

Milatte Fashiony Collagen Mask Sheet. Korea. This mask contains collagen from soy beans. That sounds super interesting to me and I was excited to try this. Unfortunately this has olive oil in it which I’m allergic to do I will have to pass this on. 

Yet Police Mask. Korea. I am familiar I with masks from the YET brand from Memebox. I got the Policeman version which targets oil control. These masks are cute but as far as effectiveness I think they are just Ok. 

Sexylook Mandelic Acid Mask. Tawain. Another Sexylook mask by this one contains Mandelic acid. This also contains some great ingredients like honey, willow and aloe. 

Another great pouch from Mask Genie. I love having a supply of unique masks every month!

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