Birchbox February Unboxing

First a little note about the blog the next couple of months. Since I’m a CPA and tax season has reared its head I won’t be posting as thorough or as often on here for a while. Then about the first of April I will probably disappear all together as I’ll be working really crazy hours!  I’ll be back but just wanted to let any regular readers know what’s going on!  Ok on to my unboxing!

Birchbox was the gateway to my subscription box addiction!  It has introduced me to lots of great products and a few that now have holy grail status for me. Let’s see what I got this month!

First Look

Product Card

ARROW REVIVE Cooling Cheek Tint in Pink Punch. .04oz. Value $8. I used to dislike cheek tints but I’ve come around. I think this will be a nice color for me. 

Corioliss Argan Conditioning Mask. 15ml. Value $1.20. I’ve gotten quite a few hair masks from Birchbox but I always forget to use them. Maybe I’ll actually remember to use this one. 

POP Beauty Matte Velvet Lipstix. Cozy Crimson. Value $8.  Whew this is a very bright red lipstick. It’s not a color j would ever wear and it smells funny.  I’ll probably give this away. 

Sahajan Restorative Eye Cream. 8ml. Value $24. This eye cream contains vitamin c and helps reduce dark circles. I’ve kinda given up using eye cream because nothing really gets rid of my dark circles. I just try to hide them. Haha. 

Whish Three Whishes Body Butter Lavender. .75oz. Value $3.60.  Most of the Whish products I’ve received have been too strongly scented for me but I like this one. The lavender isn’t too strong so I’ll definitely use this. 

I calculate a value of $44.80 and I paid $9.11 for this box. Plus Birchbox absolutely has the best points system out they.  I just picked up some Eyeko brow magic for $6 when I cashed in some points from them!  

Author: had4567

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